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Sledding by the Highway

Sledding by the HighwayPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2015/2/28 18:42
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A handful of young folks were taking the opportunity Friday afternoon to sled down the icy embankment of the Fox Avenue bridge over I-35E.  These two hopped in a kiddie pool.

The Waymores

The WaymoresPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2015/2/22 7:23
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As part of the Texas Tunes Series at the MCL Grand Theater, The Waymores played a concert Saturday night.

Learn more about The Waymores at

Misspelled Sign in Lewisville

Misspelled Sign in LewisvillePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryGet a load of this...    Last Update2015/1/30 1:19
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The sign on the side of this Lewisville gas station (corner of Old Orchard and Main St.) in Lewisville was a little scrambled.  "WE APP YOUR BRECIATE USINESS" should have said "We appreciate your business," but was installed with the panels out of order.

H/T to Beckey B., Photo by LTJ.

Sunrise over Lake Park Golf Course

Sunrise over Lake Park Golf CoursePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryLewisville    Last Update2015/1/30 1:13
Hits1837  Comments0    
January 20, 2015 sunrise was beautiful.

Photo by Stacy Hughes

MLK Day Vigil Against Violence

MLK Day Vigil Against ViolencePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2015/1/25 16:33
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On Martin Luther King Day, 2015, Lewisville citizens came together on the front steps of Lewisville City Hall to join together in prayer for our city, that we could see a kinder city with less violence this year.

The Lewisville Texan Journal was happy to organize the vigil in cooperation with Embrace Faith Ministries, and the help of Relevant Life Church, Simply BADD Ministries, The Lewisville Police Department, Real World Ministries, Lewisville Mayor Pro Tem TJ Gilmore, Denton County Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell, and musicians Terry Bloss, Hannah Lee, and Kera Lee.

Photographer Nick Weaver was there and got a few shots.

To see the rest of his photos, check out our full album on Facebook.

Firefighters Extract Driver from Wreck

Firefighters Extract Driver from WreckPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2015/1/25 16:20
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Saturday afternoon, around 3:30 p.m., a driver who was having diabetic issues was being pursued by Flower Mound police, who thought he might be intoxicated.  The driver drifted into the curb and flipped his car into the grass.

Flower Mound firefighters and EMS personnel were quick to respond to the scene, and extracted the driver from the car, which was upright, but very smashed.

A firefighter crawled into the passenger seat with the victim to attend to him, while other firefighters put a tarp over them to protect them from glass.  The firemen cut out the windshield and used hydraulic spreaders and cutters to remove the driver door, and cut the front pillars to peel back the roof.  They then carefully secured the man to a backboard and extracted him from the car, taking him to a waiting gurney.

The accident happened on F.M. 2499, just about 1,000 feet north of Presbyterian hospital.

Dawn Cobb of The Cross Timbers Gazette has more...

Painting With a Twist

Painting With a TwistPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2015/1/9 4:20
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An artist shows off a painting of the Lewisville City Hall at Painting With a Twist.

The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce joined Painting with a Twist for their ribbon-cutting event Thursday night. The facility, open Wednesday through Monday each week, offers a painting class where students follow an instructor in creating their own version of the masterpiece chosen for the night. Best of all, it's BYOB, so if you would like to partake in a glass of wine to enhance your painting skills, that is welcomed.

For more photos, see our Facebook album.

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful SunsetPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/12/23 13:24
Hits1573  Comments0    
The sunset Monday night was gorgeous, and photos were popping up on Facebook from all over Texas.  Angela Harris captured this photo.

KLB Christmas Lights Tour

KLB Christmas Lights TourPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/12/21 18:53
Hits1554  Comments0    
This past Thursday, the Keep Lewisville Beautiful board toured Lewisville to judge the Christmas light displays that had been nominated for KLB's annual Holiday Yard of the Month. LTJ tagged along.

Note that we didn't get pictures of all of them, either due to technical difficulties taking the pictures, or because the rain had wreaked havoc on some of the displays, which were dark at the time of judging.

KLB will post the results Monday.

See our full gallery of photos...

Car Fire on Mill Street

Car Fire on Mill StreetPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/23 21:27
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Thursday night around 6 p.m., a car was on fire in a business parking lot on the east side of Mill Street, near the intersection of High School drive, or Kealy.

Photo by Terry Cade

Photo No. 11-20 (out of 1067 photos hit)
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