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Car vs. House - Take 2

Car vs. House - Take 2Popular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/23 21:18
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Another week, another Lewisville home falling victim to an out of control car ramming into it. The front end of the car was completely destroyed Thursday when it rammed into a house on Bay De Vieux. Lewisville FD  was on the scene and quickly pulled out saws and lumber to secure the house.   As our photographer was walking away, a resident stated  "There's a kid here that is always zooming through the neighborhood and he drives a white Lexus."

Photo by Nick Weaver
a.k.a. CameramanStan

For more photos, visit our Facebook album.

Laser Tag 2Go

Laser Tag 2GoPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/13 4:15
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Derek Petit of Laser Tag 2Go shows one of the laser weapons at their ribbon cutting event held by The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce at Square One Cafe. says they are DFW's premier laser tag equipment rental & laser tag event full service provider. "We provide once in a lifetime laser tag experiences. Our age range is 6-60 and guarantee fun for all. Our website will be launched soon."

More photos...

Photo by Nick Weaver
a.k.a. CameramanStan

Lil Shop on the Plaza Ribbon-Cutting

Lil Shop on the Plaza Ribbon-CuttingPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/13 4:05
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Lil Shop on the Plaza celebrated its ribbon cutting with the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce Wednesday.  The shop is located in Ferguson Plaza, right across from City Hall.

Lil Shop on the Plaza's Facebook page describes the shop this way:  "A unique shop with gift ideas for everyone. Giving gifts is my Love Language and gifting is what I do best. I am always looking for that special something to surprise my loved ones with. Come and see what treasures I have found and for those that need help with ideas, I am more than happy to help."

Photo by Nick Weaver
a.k.a. CameramanStan

Digging in the Water

Digging in the WaterPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/9 18:24
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Last week, we took a few shots of the construction in progress on the I-35 expansion project in Lewisville.

View more I-35E Construction Photos in our Facebook Album.


SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/9 18:21
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The Forestwood Middle School orchestra performed last week at the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce's Community Expo

LLELA Blackjack Trail Tour

LLELA Blackjack Trail TourPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/9 18:18
Hits1681  Comments0    
LLELA Lewisville Lake held a preview tour of its new approximately 2 mile Blackjack trail Saturday for friends and volunteers. The newly-constructed trail begins near the greenhouse on the western side of the 2,000 acre property, and connects at the parking lot for the Beaver Pond paddling trail. The trail contains great examples of the Cross Timbers forest, including Blackjack Oak, Post Oak, and Hickory, but also includes a meandering stream, prairie glades, and mesquite savanna areas.

LLELA will make some finishing touches in some places, and is expected to open the trail to the public in a few weeks.

With the addition of the Blackjack Trail, LLELA will have roughly 8 miles of connected hiking trails.

For more photos, see our Facebook Album.

UPS Truck Versus Fence

UPS Truck Versus FencePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/11/6 15:10
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A wreck involving a UPS truck, a blue SUV, and a fence occurred Wednesday morning on Valley Pkwy between Round Grove and Corporate Dr. It appeared that the collision caused the UPS truck to jump the curb, and slam into a neighboring fence, ripping it from its corner post. Fresh tire treads lay embedded in the dirt. No injuries from both drivers, however the UPS driver appeared shaken up by the whole situation.

Photo by Nick Weaver
a.k.a. CameramanStan

Bison are back!

Bison are back!Popular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/29 1:44
Hits1484  Comments0    
A few bison are back at the property on the corner of Edmonds Lane and FM 3040. It warms our hearts to see them.

Flag Retirement Ceremony at MCL Grand

Flag Retirement Ceremony at MCL GrandPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/26 19:50
Hits1458  Comments0    
Members of Lewisville Morning Rotary, the Lewisville Police Department Color Guard, the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts helped with the 4th Annual Lewisville Morning Rotary Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Air Force Reserve SSGT Ryan Dane presented the US Flag he carried with him during his recent tour in Afghanistan. You can see the flag at the south entrance to the MCL Grand Theater.

Photos by Bob Troyer.

MillerCoors Cleans Up and Donates $5,000

MillerCoors Cleans Up and Donates $5,000Popular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/24 11:54
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LEWISVILLE, Texas (Oct. 23, 2014) — MillerCoors Central Region Team from Plano, Texas, teamed up with Keep Lewisville Beautiful on Thursday to help clean up Lake Lewisville. A total of 35 MillerCoors employees removed 40+ bags of trash as part of their company’s commitment to water conservation efforts. In addition to the volunteer hours, MillerCoors donated $5,000 to Keep Lewisville Beautiful to help further fund community waterway cleanups and environmental education efforts in the Lewisville community.

Submitted Photo

Photo No. 21-30 (out of 1067 photos hit)
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