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Morning on the Lewisville Dam

Morning on the Lewisville DamPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryLewisville    Last Update2014/10/20 4:33
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Just after sunrise on top of the Lewisville dam facing East towards Castle Hills.

Noon Rotary Helps Lakeland Elementary with $3,000

Noon Rotary Helps Lakeland Elementary with $3,000Popular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/20 2:50
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Thanks to $3,000 worth of help from Lewisville Noon Rotary, Lakeland Elementary students will be able to enjoy brand new books and reading spaces throughout their campus by the end of November.

Photo via Lewisville ISD

Quanah Parker Exhibit

Quanah Parker ExhibitPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/4 15:16
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Quanah Parker was the Last Chief of the Comanches, and his mother was Cynthia Ann Parker, a woman who was kidnapped from her Scots-Irish family at age 9, adopted into the Comanche, and then abducted or "rescued" at 34 along with her two year old daughter, and forced to live with Parker relatives, while she wanted to stay with her Comanche family.

Until November 8th, The MCL Grand Theater Art Gallery has an exhibit is very informative, interesting, and moving.  Read more...

Thompson Square

Thompson SquarePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryBooks, Movies, and Music    Last Update2014/10/4 15:10
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Thompson Square played last Saturday night at Lewisville Western Days.

To see the rest of our Western Days photos, visit our Facebook photo albums page.

LTJ Photo

Storm Rolling In Over City Hall

Storm Rolling In Over City HallPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/4 15:04
Hits1362  Comments0    
Thursday's thunderstorms rolled in along with a cold front.  This great photo by Heather Lee shows the Old Town Park Plaza under construction in front of Lewisville City Hall with ominous clouds rolling in above.

Photo by Heather Lee

Kayaker Flipping

Kayaker FlippingPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/10/4 4:17
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Here's a a pretty neat skill: flipping a kayak and coming back upright.

Dispatchers Assist with Western Days Command Center

Dispatchers Assist with Western Days Command CenterPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/9/30 3:06
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Dispatcher II, Patrick Burks, was the brains behind the dispatch operations this weekend at the Western Days Command Center.  Patrick coordinated with Emergency Management and our ITS Departments to ensure cameras and equipment were in place.  Patrick participated in the planning exercises and trained dispatchers prior to the two day event.  Patrick Burks, along with dispatchers Robert Carline, Stephanie Smith, Matt LaMunion, Chelsea Poole and Dispatcher II Josh Harwell staffed the communications stations of the command post this weekend.

(Via Lewisville P.D. - Photo by Lewisville Texan Journal)

Also pictured is City of Lewisville Emergency Management Coordinator Summer Wilhelm.

Spirit of Old Town Photos

Spirit of Old Town PhotosPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/9/23 3:23
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The Lewisville High School feeder zone students have submitted photographs in "The Spirit of Old Town" photo contest. Works will be displayed Sept 25th - Oct. 25th at Tierney's Cafe & Tavern. Prints are also available. You can preview the show here at their website.

There are some great photos here, and miraculously, none of them included the dirt pile.

LHS Presents Romeo & Juliet

LHS Presents Romeo & JulietPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/9/21 17:48
Hits1394  Comments0    
Lewisville High School Theatre presents Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

Thursday, September 25th - 7 p.m.
Saturday, Septemeber 27th - 7 p.m.
Sunday, September 28th - 2 p.m.

Lewisville High School - Stuver Auditorium

Tickets are $10, but students can get in for $7

Firefighters Training

Firefighters TrainingPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/9/12 2:20
Hits1712  Comments0    
Firefighters practiced venting the roof Thursday at a house on South Valley Parkway in Lewisville that is slated for demolition.

Photo by Neil Ferguson

Photo No. 31-40 (out of 1067 photos hit)
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