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River-going Vessels in Elm Fork

River-going Vessels in Elm ForkPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/22 7:01
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A boat full of trash sits atop rocks along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River in Lewisville Thursday, while a partially submerged shopping cart has taken the plunge a few feet away.  Trash and other items in our local waterways are a continual problem.

Bridge Protest of Surveillance State

Bridge Protest of Surveillance StatePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/13 8:22
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Members of the North Texas Light Brigade took to the Fox Avenue Bridge in Lewisville on I-35 E Wednesday night to protest mass surveillance on the American people.  Group member Leslie Harris, of Flower Mound, said that the group would like citizens to call on Congress to study mass surveillance by the nation's intelligence agencies, and enact strong laws to protect individual privacy.

Lewisville HS Cheer Gets 10th in Nationals

Lewisville HS Cheer Gets 10th in NationalsPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/9 18:33
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Lewisville High School Cheerleaders took 10th place in the national competition Saturday night for Large Coed division.  Here is a message from Cheer Coach Joi Cartmill:

Greetings Farmer Family,

I wanted to thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement as the LHS Large Varsity Co-Ed Cheer Team took the stage yesterday. These kids are some of the best athletes that I have had the pleasure to coach. Their dedication to our program and representing LHS at this level of competition has been amazing.

Nothing is ever easy for us. We have to fight each and every year to maintain and excel at being a collegiate level co-ed team. Many of these kids start with no training at all and they end up with college scholarships and the respect of every co-ed team in the Nation.

If you had a chance to watch them yesterday you would see that they were fantastic! After the results were announced I thought that they would be disappointed but when I walked over they said "we don't care what the judges think coach, we just wanted to make you proud". That was one of the best moments of my life and I could not have been more proud to be their coach and a Fighting Farmer!

WE ARE LEWISVILLE! The oldest and most decorated Large Co-Ed Cheer Team in the Nation. We will take the 10th place trophy and come home as champions thanks to the love and support from all of you. Go Farmers!!

Joi Cartmill
Varsity Cheer Coach
Lewisville High School

Photo courtesy of Lewisville High School

Lewisville Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Lewisville Athletes Sign Letters of IntentPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/6 14:13
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Thirteen students at Lewisville High School signed national letters of intent to play college sports Wednesday at a gathering in the Stuver Auditorium.

LTJ Congratulates:
- Morgan Reising (Stephen F. Austin State University, bowling)
- Jason Foley (Texas A&M University-Commerce, football)
- Kevin Momah (Southwest Baptist University- Mo., football)
- Riley Mills (Dallas Christian College, soccer)
- Juan Villegas (Dallas Christian College, soccer)
- Taylor Garrison (University of Montevallo-Ala., soccer)
- Hanna Harris (University of the Ozarks-Ark., Soccer)
- Chelsei Soto (University of North Texas, soccer)
- Megan Haggard (Hill College, softball)
- Jessica Nelson (St. Gregory’s University-Okla., softball)
- Kacie Saucedo (Hill College, softball)
- Miranda Worthington (Navarro College, softball)
- Jasmin Anglin (Brookhaven College, volleyball)

Photo courtesy Greg Weghorst, Lewisville ISD
(More photos...)

Drunken Donkey Opens

Drunken Donkey OpensPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/6 5:22
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The Drunken Donkey Bar and Grill just opened up at 301 W. Round Grove Rd., in Lewisville.  (F.M. 3040 @ Deer Run).  The bar has over 40 beers on tap, including many imports as well as some Texas beers.  Appetizers include standard fare, as well as things like Donkey Balls (beef and pineapple meatballs) and pulled-pork nachos.

Asst. Chief Galler Retires

Asst. Chief Galler RetiresPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/6 4:28
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Lewisville Assistant Police Chief Jerry Galler (left) retired Friday after serving nearly 40 years working for Lewisville.  Galler is a heck of a nice guy, and will leave big shoes to fill.  Galler was presented with a plaque by Police Chief Russ Kerbow (right).

Update from Lewisville Police Department:
"Police Chief Russ Kerbow and Fire Chief Tim Tittle are proud to announce that, with the new classroom addition added to the existing firing range, that building has been named the ‘Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center’ in honor of Chief Galler’s 40 year career serving the citizens of the City of Lewisville through the police department.  City Council voted unanimously on October 5, 2013 to name the facility for Chief Galler.

Chief Galler was instrumental in getting the current indoor/outdoor range constructed along with many of the amenities found at the training center.  Chief Galler presented the classroom addition, phase II as it was largely known, to the blue ribbon bond committee and the final bonds were sold in 2003 – this being the last item from that bond program.

An official ceremony is forthcoming but likely will not take place until late February.  We certainly expect to have him back for the ceremony and a subsequent open house.  "

The Lewisville Texan Journal hopes to be on-hand for the open house and opening ceremony.

Photo by Neil Ferguson.

Lewisville's First Liquor Store

Lewisville's First Liquor StorePopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/6 4:25
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Sales of liquor for off-premise consumption were recently approved by voters of Lewisville, and Buy Low Liquor was the first liquor store to open in Lewisville, as far as we know, since prohibition.

The store is located in Huffines Plaza, on I-35 Northbound service road just North of S.H. 121 Business.

Yesterday, LTJ's editor stopped by to do some "research" and left with a bottle of Irish Cream.

Natatorium Under Construction

Natatorium Under ConstructionPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/2 4:45
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Lewisville ISD's West-side natatorium, under construction on F.M. 3040 in Lewisville is coming along nicely. (You might say it is progressing "swimmingly") There was a setback in 2013 when the concrete originally poured for the pool was found not to meet strength requirements, and had to be re-poured.

Kim Cloud - LACC Citizen of the Year

Kim Cloud - LACC Citizen of the YearPopular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/2/2 4:42
Hits1632  Comments0    
The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce has named Kim Cloud of Highland Village (left) as its 2013 Citizen of the Year for her work with Cloud 9 Charities, Inc., which has raised over $1 million for local charities through its annual fashion show and the Best Little Brewfest in Texas. The award was presented by 2012 LACC Citizen of the Year Spud Newton (right). Join LTJ in thanking and congratulating Ms. Cloud.

Flying Saucer in Lewisville?

Flying Saucer in Lewisville?Popular
SubmitterWhosPlayinMore Photos from WhosPlayin   CategoryNews    Last Update2014/1/22 5:38
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A reader took this photo while stopped in traffic on I-35E in Lewisville, just North of S.H. 121 Business on Monday.  A truck had overturned, backing up traffic.  We wondered what the saucer-shaped object was, and the photographer, who took it with her phone said that the spot was on neither of the shots before and after this one, and there was no spot on the windshield, so she didn't know what it was.  Our Facebook readers joked that maybe it was aliens.  Well, perhaps aliens with special weapons that cause trucks to flip over.

Photo by Sarah Bates Mitchell

Photo No. 81-90 (out of 1067 photos hit)
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