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Archived Top 10 (Hits)

Beautiful People Top 10 (Hits)
1Some beautiful women - Kate Walsh, Robin Meade, Nicole Kidman, Lisa Loeb, and Tina FeyBeautiful People18806
2Tina Fey Vanity Fair Photo SnippetBeautiful People6777
3Tina Fey Vanity Fair CoverBeautiful People5759
4"Honey can-I-do?" ListBeautiful People5344
5Tina Fey Vanity Fair Cover Photo - With Glasses!Beautiful People5243
6Tina FeyBeautiful People4891
7Sailors' Reunion KissBeautiful People4157
8One-Way LoveBeautiful People3587
9All SmilesBeautiful People3473
10Cello PlayerBeautiful People3405

Books, Movies, and Music Top 10 (Hits)
1An Inconvenient Truth - A Global WarningBooks, Movies, and Music4598
2Beyond Treason DVDBooks, Movies, and Music4237
3"V" for VendettaBooks, Movies, and Music3857
4Friendly Fire - A documentary by Gary NullBooks, Movies, and Music3820
5Lacy JadeBooks, Movies, and Music3816
6BobbyBooks, Movies, and Music3365
7Thompson SquareBooks, Movies, and Music2083

Family Top 10 (Hits)
1Seth and IkeFamily4790
2Me and my sweetyFamily4679
3Hank the CowdogFamily4565
4Getting my pole upFamily3997
5Granny and PawpawFamily3954
6Silly Family PortraitFamily3906
7Isaac and SethFamily3789
8Asthma SucksFamily3721
10Seth for CouncilFamily3090

Gardening Top 10 (Hits)
1Hydroton grow mediaGardening6834
2Baby dove chicksGardening6160
3Climbing TomatoesGardening4976
4400 Watts of Artificial SunshineGardening4503
5Squash BlossomGardening4206
6Environmental controlsGardening4171
7Meters and Calibration SolutionsGardening3991
8My little slice of nirvanaGardening3972
9First TomatoGardening3910
10Nutrient solutions and "pollenator"Gardening3755

Get a load of this... Top 10 (Hits)
1"Ionic Foot Bath" - my footGet a load of this...12186
2Nasty Beaker of PseudoscienceGet a load of this...11250
3Poopa TroopersGet a load of this...9117
4VaJJ Car OrnamentGet a load of this...8087
5Poster boys for gay marriageGet a load of this...7347
6REDNECK SNOWPLOW.jpgGet a load of this...7304
7Tan linesGet a load of this...6252
8Fu King Restaurant - Lake City, FLGet a load of this...6156
9tough_love.gifGet a load of this...5834
10Tragic Highway AccidentGet a load of this...5608

Inspirational Top 10 (Hits)
1Marines raising flag at Iwo JimaInspirational4325
2Prayer request for our militaryInspirational4286
3Grey WolfInspirational4057
4Alaskan RainbowInspirational4021
5Happy EasterInspirational4013
6Statue of LibertyInspirational3679
7Sacred groundsInspirational3635
8MamaSk8z at Three Day Walk for Breast Cancer.Inspirational3503
9Waiting for NeedleInspirational3421
10Breast Cancer SurvivorInspirational3238

Lewisville Top 10 (Hits)
199 Cent WeddingLewisville4900
2Lewisville Central ParkLewisville4741
3Ron AljoeLewisville4680
4Councilman Tierney Answers Question at Citizen MeetingLewisville4440
5Lewisville ISD LogoLewisville4425
6Drill sites around LewisvilleLewisville4353
7More Cherokee Horn BullshitLewisville4292
8Snow - in North Texas!!!Lewisville4274
9Lewisville Citizens Meet to Discuss Gas DrillingLewisville4245
10City of Lewisville LogoLewisville4167

Logos and Site Graphics Top 10 (Hits)
1Texas Dim Bulb AwardLogos and Site Graphics8753
2Texas Municipal Elections 2007Logos and Site Graphics5071
3Inauguration Commemorative Logo - 1/20/2009Logos and Site Graphics3965
4Elections 2006 - Special CoverageLogos and Site Graphics3722
5DCDP SealLogos and Site Graphics3530
6Lone Star FlagLogos and Site Graphics3470
7Drinking LiberallyLogos and Site Graphics3389
8Freddie Mac & Fannie MaeLogos and Site Graphics3388
9Bluebonnet backgroundLogos and Site Graphics3385
10Carter BloodcareLogos and Site Graphics3383

News Top 10 (Hits)
1Molly Ivins - RIPNews9252
2Comanche Peak Nuclear Power PlantsNews5745
3Drunken Donkey OpensNews5413
4LHS Welcomes New CoachNews5386
5"$LB Kids" GraffitiNews5028
6Councilman Ferguson Sworn InNews4992
7Rodrick Williams - Student of the MonthNews4704
8Litter Cleanup TrophiesNews4542
10LISD Redacted ReceiptNews4314

Political Top 10 (Hits)
1Burgess' Report CardPolitical24526
2Judge Windle Caught (again)Political9865
3Gorena and Mini-GorenaPolitical »» People6266
4BFF - Michael Burgess and Tom DelayPolitical6180
5Bush writing on US FlagPolitical6034
6Signs of IncivilityPolitical5504
7Burgess Disses LWVPolitical »» Documents5447
8Tom CraddickPolitical »» People5340
9Burgess no AngelPolitical »» People5323
10Beating a Debt HorsePolitical »» Illustrations5084

Travels and Miscellaneous Top 10 (Hits)
1"Burning Crosses"Travels and Miscellaneous4190
2Alvarado Water TowerTravels and Miscellaneous3932
3Pumping GasolineTravels and Miscellaneous3929
4Roanoke City HallTravels and Miscellaneous3749
5My Toyota PriusTravels and Miscellaneous3743
6Big BugTravels and Miscellaneous3597
7Air PollutionTravels and Miscellaneous3585
8Roanoke City HallTravels and Miscellaneous3550
9Diagram of a NeuronTravels and Miscellaneous3533
10Massage in LewisvilleTravels and Miscellaneous3425

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