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Thoughts on Sunday Night

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2009/9/21 4:00:00 (1507 reads)

Lewisville Lake Symphony
I took my wife and my boys to see the Lewisville Lake Symphony perform at Lakeland Baptist Church on Friday night, and I'm highly impressed.

First, there was what seemed to me to be a great turnout. I guess I wouldn't have necessarily thought that Lewisville could turnout like that for a cultural event.

Second, the acoustics of the sanctuary are really pretty good for a symphony.

Third, they just played and sounded awesome. I was so glad to be able to sit there, lean back, close my eyes, squeeze my son in my arm, and just let myself get wrapped up in the music.

Henceforth, we'll be adding their performances to our events calendar, and although we can't afford to sponsor a chair, the WhosPlayin String Oil company will be providing all the string and bow lube for the orchestra, and sponsoring a music stand as well as the note E#.

Seriously though, one of the things that really strikes me about this genre is how connected we are to our Western heritage when we gather for these things, setting aside that we come from different backgrounds, nationalities, religions, political persuasions, etc. For a couple of hours, we just become listeners, enjoying the same composition in much the same way as our ancestors have done for centuries. It's nice to know that the arts live on.

Palm Pre
I finally gave up and bought a new phone today. My Palm Treo that I've had now for several years finally bit the dust. It wouldn't charge up anymore and the plastic from the charge jack cracked off and fell out.

The Palm Pre is something I've been checking out, and hearing good things about. It seems to be a pretty neat device, and I'm pretty sure there's a function on here that will make toast. I actually picked this up at Best Buy, instead of the Sprint Store. I was surprised how awesome the service was, and how quickly they were able to get the new phone activated and transfer my massive phonebook to it.

Book Club
SoDeCo book club was last night, and a good time was had by all. I guess you could actually say we're a drinking club with a reading habit. My kids have some new friends to run around with, and I've got to say this was the biggest turnout that I've seen so far. We discussed the book "Idiot America". Next month, we'll do Edward Kennedy's "True Compass".

Lots of good discussion was had and many good points were made about the lack of critical thinking being shown in American civil discourse these days. No longer does truth seem to matter, but rather the most outrageous thing someone can say to "move the needle". I need to put more thought into how that can be changed.

Obama Tax Cuts
I am continually amazed at the way that some people just can't accept that not only has Barack Obama NOT raised their taxes or taken even one of their freedoms, but that we actually all got a tax cut earlier this year - well, those of us who earn less than $250K did.

Wednesday night I was talking to a Republican who just couldn't believe what I was saying was true.

Here's the proof straight from the IRS: "The Making Work Pay Pax Credit" Basically this is a $400 per person credit ($800 for married couples) that you don't have to wait until 2010 to take. Your employer should have already reduced your withholding by about $1.09 per day.

I'm sort of still waiting to hear anything concrete about how "They're taking our FREEDOMS!" What I have so far is the old "there's a bill in Congress right now to take away our ammo". Well, I guess with 535 members, you're going to have bills out there for damn near anything someone can think of. And although the NRA makes their payroll by continuing to scare the hell out of people about gun laws, I'm gonna tell you that there is zero chance of any substantial change to current laws.

911 Dispatcher Hero
A Fort Worth dispatcher helped a hallucinating veteran by using some very creative problem-solving (and acting) skills.

The Brick Testament
I just now found this great website with Lego representations of the Old Testament My favorites are Deuteronomy and Revelations. This is some seriously creative and artful Lego work and photography.

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