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Thoughts on Friday Night

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2009/9/26 5:50:00 (1986 reads)

The Funk
I'm here, but I think my brain is not all here with me. If you haven't kept up with my Facebook status, I'm sick. Yesterday Ike came home from school sick, and by supper time he had a 103 fever. I took him up to the urgent care place, and as I was having him seen, I just got sicker and sicker myself.

I woke up at 3 AM, shivering. Ike was in the other room throwing up. We sat and drank 7-Up and watched crappy TV until about 8 AM. I eventually got to feeling better, but I still have stopped up sinuses and dark circles around my eyes. Ike is doing better, finally able to keep some food down. Mamask8z made some Frito chili pie just now, and Ike heard her in the kitchen and demanded that she make him some too. She convinced him that he probably would not want to try it until he'd been better for a couple of days.

I'm eating brain food now though. Just fixed some hot ramen noodles just like I used to cook when I was in college. (and I was so much smarter then).

I'm really disappointed not to be going to Western Day tomorrow. I was supposed to work at the Democratic party's booth, and I was planning to bring printed copies of both of the Healthcare bills currently being looked at. Of course, I got walloped by this, and didn't have time to read anything. Now I have work piling up that I should really get to. (Come on, Ramen - get my brain ready!)

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a PR person who wanted to make it crystal clear to me that talking to an amateur such as me was far beneath her. After all, we're just a blog and don't have "credentials" from any fancy press society. And we don't "make a profit" and "have distribution" of our content. OK, whatever. In spite of what some may think, I really try not to take myself too seriously in this forum. But I will say that on the local level if you read this blog, you will often see stories that the "real media" have missed or glossed over.

To keep it short, I do this blog because I care about having an informed and intelligent discussion with my fellow citizens. Whether we agree on the issues or not, you can count on me to do my best to share the facts and give you my perspective on what they mean. On the local-level things where there just isn't good coverage by the mainstream media, you have the choice of buying whatever PR spewage that local newsmakers want to feed you, or you can read blogs from people like me who make an effort to ask some tough questions.

BTW, you know how else this blog differs from print media? We've never gone bankrupt or laid off employees.

I guess I was a little insulted. Fine, I admit it. I see blogs and press media as being complimentary to each other. They have their business model, and a need for at least the appearance of unbiased objectivity. We strive for fair and biased. Bloggers are often activists, which occasionally makes us newsmakers. That would be a no-no for print journalism. It's something we have to reconcile.

For me, what I have to do is try to keep an open mind and at the very least just compartmentalize and keep the objective journalist and the opinionated activist in two seperate places in my mind. What I hope that the readers who come here will take away from it is that they will know without a doubt just by reading, whether I'm telling you the facts or giving my opinion. Especially with local things where the blog may be the only one with the story, I don't want to be unfair in the reporting.

Anyhow, I'm rambling. I think the cold medicine's mind-numbing effects are beating out the ramen's brain boosting.

What do you read?
Last week at book club, someone asked me what blogs and news sources I read on a daily basis. The question really got me to thinking, because I'm not totally addicted to any one source, really. I know that others have their daily reads, but I just sort of tend to go whereever the news of the day takes me. So I'm curious to know what you folks read each day.

For me, here's a typical routine:

- Morning watching CNN, drinking coffee, and reading email.

- New York Times emails a list of daily headlines. I'll occasionally click through and read them.

- I get daily updates from American Petroleum Institute.

- I get email from tons of progressive groups and a few conservative groups. If a link interests me, I may go look. Vast majority get deleted though.

- I get CNN breaking news alerts

- Google emails me whenever it finds a new article or blog dealing with Lewisville

- I'm on several PR lists for government entities, elected officials, candidates, political parties, etc.

- Check the news headlines here on WhosPlayin several times a day. If something comes across that looks interesting, I'll read it.

- We carry Reuters News, which is pretty neutral.

- We carry Slashdot, Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Denton Record Chronicle and feeds from a couple of choice blogs.

- In the car on the way to work, I listen to National Public Radio. I catch the morning news and will occasionally listen to the Diane Reim show. I like Fresh Air, All Things Considered and just about all of the programs on KERA. They are eclectic in what they cover, and they tend to take a really intelligent approach to asking the in-depth questions of whoever they are interviewing on whatever side. I'm always impressed by their abilities to talk to politicians and not let them BS too much. Mamask8z and I have supported public radio financially for years.

- Facebook: Oh, thank heavens for Facebook. My friends from all political and vocational backgrounds post links to interesting articles. I try to read the ones that my conservative friends post, though I don't comment on them all the time. I have to choose my battles.

- In the evenings, I get email from PR Web, with various companies I follow, and local press releases. It's rare that I'll turn any of those into a blog, but it's interesting to read about the businesses we have in the area and what they're up to.

- About once or twice a week I'll watch either Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, or Chris Matthews on MSNBC. These are of course opinion shows with news content - not primary news. MSNBC does have decent news coverage though.

- Now and then, if my wife is not around, I'll switch the channel over to Fox. It's more of an opinion channel than a news channel, but I try to get a perspective. More often than not, I can't stand the lies, and end up switching the channel.

- I don't actually read blogs a whole lot, unless I know the author. There are some that I pay more attention to during the legislative season, like Capitol Annex.

- I read the Lewisville Leader on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Just the news parts - not usually the sports section.

- I read Scientific American.

- At times, I subscribe to Wired, Newsweek, Science News, Wall Street Journal but I've let my subscriptions lapse

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