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Thoughts on the Lewisville Council Election

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/5/9 21:20:00 (4315 reads)

Last night, John Gorena won re-election by a 3.84% margin - 76 votes of 1980 cast. Gorena surpassed Gilmore by 124 votes in early voting, and Gilmore had a 48 vote lead in election day voting, which was not enough to overcome Gorena's early voting lead. We don't at this point have a precinct-by-precinct breakdown, but will try to get one.

Since we endorsed TJ Gilmore in this race, we are of course disappointed in the outcome. But we're even more disappointed in those voters who chose to set aside the questions of Gorena's qualifications and general lack of knowledge or interest in anything other than his hatred of those people he imagines to be illegal immigrants.

Gilmore took the high ground in his campaign by focusing on issues and real solutions. Gorena wrapped himself in identity politics to distract from his lack of solid knowledge or ideas. Gorena's only message aside from his desire to inflict financial damage on the city and disenfranchise its citizens in order to lash out at bogeyman illegals, was that he's a Republican, an American, and a Christian. Nevermind that his opponent, T.J. Gilmore was also all of those things; Gorena wanted to portray the false dichotomy that anyone not as prejudiced and dogmatically entrenched in his particular world view was somehow not American or Christian.

Nevertheless, our City Council has to represent a cross-section of our City. We will continue to have someone to represent the willfully ignorant, Glenn Beck watching, conspiracy-minded bigots who fail to understand simple economics, civil rights, and basic ethics.

This just means we have more work to do in the coming years to expose the real issues and peel back the simplistic fear-based rhetoric that wraps them. There are no more simple answers to be had in today's society; it takes a lot of understanding of complex interactions and economic consequences to make an intelligent decision.

Thank God that we have at least 3 other Councilmen who despite sometimes being on the other side of an issue from us, at least do their own thinking and research facts.

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