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Lewisville Drivers Ticketed After Intersection Reconfiguration (Updated)

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/5/26 20:00:00 (3484 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowLewisville Police today started ticketing drivers for turning left from what used to be a turn lane, but now is not. The intersection of Valley Parkway and F.M. 3040 used to be the terminating part of Valley Parkway, and allowed vehicles to turn left on to F.M. 3040 from two lanes.

When the newly constructed Southern segment of Valley Parkway was opened up this past week, the middle lane marking was changed to disallow left turns. But despite pavement marking and lane diagram signs, including one sign marked with an orange flag a couple hundred feet prior to the intersection, force of habit seems to be hard for drivers to break.

We shot this video after one reader complained about getting a traffic citation by Lewisville Police, who had several traffic units working the intersection today:

In the 10 minute video, taken tonight, you can see 2 cars violate, and 1 car that nearly violates. One of the violators (7:15) comes close to colliding with an oncoming car turning left from the Southern leg of the road. I witnessed numerous other violators both before and after I shot the video, but Lewisville Police were not on site while I was there.

We asked Lewisville Police Chief Russ Kerbow about the operation, and this was his response:

The new changes became effective on May 11 and we have been writing warning citations up until today. Because we've received several complaints and the area was marked so effectively, we only allowed a one week grace period before we began issuing the regular citations.

Given that compliance is still so low, we wonder whether more could have been done to get drivers' attention, and break them of the habit. People tend to tune out signs at familiar intersections. One suggestion that was offerred during a discussion on Facebook, was that the City use one of its informational sign trailers - the ones that can be programmed to display a message.

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One of the drivers ticketed today told us that when she was pulled over, there were three other cars being ticketed at the same time. She told us that there were five Lewisville PD cars lined up pulling people over, and that in the course of 10 minutes, she saw eight cars get pulled over when she went back later to observe.

At any rate, be careful, and pass this along to any other Lewisville drivers you know.

More about the new road:
Part of the Spinks/Valley road construction project, which will provide another important access point to State Highway 121 and, through that access, the northern end of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, has been completed.

The Valley Parkway section from FM 3040 to State Highway 121 Business, including the Ace Lane connection at FM 3040, is now open to thru traffic.

These new roadways are expected to reduce congestion on the heavily traffic FM 3040 and, indirectly, Interstate 35E as drivers find easier and more direct connections using SH 121. Final completion of the project is expected in August 2010.

The west leg of Spinks Drive, from Valley Parkway to Duncan Lane, will be closed as additional work is being done in that area. Lane closures on Valley Parkway will occur as needed to complete the landscaping and irrigation work in the medians and parkways.

Lewisville’s segment of Spinks Road extends east from Duncan Road to Edmonds Lane, and intersects with a vital extension of Valley Parkway, a north-south segment of road also being constructed through the multi-agency effort (Denton County, City of Lewisville and private investment).

Construction of both roadways also has significant economic impact by opening hundreds of acres of vacant land to positive development. Property owners were brought into the project to fund water-sewer infrastructure, and development interest already is high for this newly accessible quadrant.

A new 700-acre industrial park is located at the crossroads of Spinks Road and Edmonds Lane, extending south to SH 121. Spurred by the public-private partnership and made possible by the multi-agency road project, Southwest Lewisville Industrial Park has more than 2.2 million square feet of industrial space and has attracted Majestic Realty Partners, Industrial Development International and Crest Properties for immediate development, with another 500 acres remaining for new ventures. None of this would have been possible without the Spinks/Valley road construction project.

The Lewisville segments of the overall project cost $9.6 million, shared among the city, Denton County, and impacted property owners.

Update 5/26/2010:
To get an idea of the scope of the enforcement effort at this intersection, WhosPlayin submitted an open records request to the City of Lewisville. This is what we found:

On May 19th, at least four LPD officers issued a total of 19 citations, at $176.00 each, for a total of $3,344.00. Of that amount only $93.90 each went to the city of Lewisville, for a total of $1,784.10. $82.10 from each citation goes to the State of Texas.

City staff were initially unable to locate any records of warnings, but a review of dash camera footage from a sample of traffic stops found five verbal warnings given at this location on the 15th and 17th.

Many of the drivers ticketed will be able to take a driver safety course with significant fees to the court in lieu of a guilty verdict.

We've attached a breakdown of the various fees from the City of Lewisville Municipal Court.

Originally published 5/19/2010

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