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Links and Miscellaneous on Wednesday Night

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/5/20 6:30:00 (2676 reads)

LISD Discipline Research
We're still working on getting data from LISD on discipline issues across the district. Basically the sticking point right now is a bill for $427.50 for "15 hours of programming" needed to produce the 9 columns of data we asked for. We're working a couple of channels on getting the data charges waived, as allowed under state law. But if need be, we've raised over half the money needed.

Dish Investigation Town Hall
On Tuesday night, the Town of Dish hosted a town hall meeting regarding the TCEQ investigation results. Denton Record Chronicle reports that residents grilled TCEQ over why they chose to use the 95th percentile as a benchmark for comparison. WFAA also has a video report. At some point, we think the industry is going to have to quit hiding behind arguments over whether their pollution is harmful, and whether you can prove it. Just clean it up!

GWB Library
Fox 4 has a story about items from the George W. Bush library - currently headquartered here in Lewisville

Rasmussen Polls
Burnt Orange Report has an interesting article pointing out that Rasmussen polls tend to favor Republicans, and asserting that this is a strategy for casting a narrative that is not entirely true. The long and short of it is that Rasmussen is more interested in painting Republican chances in a favorable light than getting the numbers right. Rasmussen even pulled out of some of the races that were decided last night. It's an interesting read, and certainly something to think about before you take these polls too seriously.

Flower Mound Gas Wells
Over in Flower Mound, the folks there are concerned about plans for a gas well on Hilliard Airfield which would be too close to a planned LISD high school campus. Here's our map of the proposed wells: (click to enlarge)
. I'm guessing that either the FM Cares or FM Citizens Against Urban Drilling websites will have more info about what happened at tonight's O&G Board Meeting. The Flower Mound Cares Facebook group has a fair amount of commentary. Update: The variances were denied.

Lewisville Firefighter Treated And Released after Manufacturing Plant Fire
Heather Smith has the story of Tuesday's fire. We can't find the name of the business.

Bill White for Governor - Hammering Rick Perry
Bill White is the Democratic candidate for Texas governor who will face Rick Perry in November. In the past couple of weeks, White's campaign has been hammering on Perry for his hypocrisy when it comes to spending. Perry has a slush fund he uses to funnel state money to the companies of his campaign donors, making "investments" in them or granting them bailouts, ostensibly to bring business to Texas. There's also the nearly $10,000 a month for Rick Perry's rental mansion, that you and I are paying for, so that he can throw parties for his campaign donors.

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