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Links for Monday

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/5/24 19:10:57 (1960 reads)

I meant to post these Sunday night. I'm on my lunch break now, so thought I'd share these links:

Dallas Morning News has a good story about how the residents of Frisco would like to get out of LISD and join Frisco ISD.

Frisco spends nearly $1 million to fight liquor stores after voters approve them:

Denton County has its own local website.

Helios Electric hosting meetup in Lewisville on June 5th hold interviews for jobs.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

I just read a book last night called "Cleaning Up Your Community - Citizens Guide to Local Environmental Enforcement - Texas 2010 Edition" by John H. Ockels, Ph.D.

It was very interesting in that he pointed out municipalities have many powers for both civil and criminal prosecution of polluters, and can bring action on their own without the TCEQ.

Lewisville ISD finally updated their open records request forms, which up until recently had the wrong name and a non-working fax number on them. Of course, the online submission form doesn’t have the option for electronic delivery.

Remember those commercials for LifeLock – where the guy tells the whole world his name and social security number? Turns out his service is fairly useless, since his identity has been stolen 13 times.

Lewisville Police arrested two suspects in a home invasion robbery.

Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Neil Durrance is hosting a fundraiser dinner at El Guapo’s in Denton on May 27th.

Remember that next weekend, May 29 – 31, is the sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances and light bulbs.

PetSmart in Lewisville is moving to Vista Ridge Village on the NW Corner of I-35 and FM 3040.

Bartonville residents oppose a waste collection and natural gas compression facility 100 feet from a house. (I have pictures and video from this morning's protest, and I'll get those uploaded soon)

Lewisville Leader has a letter from an angry Lewisville resident who got ticketed last week after the lane configuration changes at the corner of FM 3040 and Valley Parkway.:

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