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Will Michael Burgess Meet With Anti-War Constituents?

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/1/11 0:59:41 (1937 reads)

I sent the following letter to U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX 26) via email today:

Whenever the public asks for our government to step back from, or end the occupation of Iraq, our purpose there changes. Despite having won the war, hawks in Congress and in the White House change the rules, so that it's something else we're after.

First, it was Weapons of Mass Destruction. When that was proven false, it was to capture Saddam Hussein and make regime change. When he was captured, it was to spread democracy. When free elections were held, and the people elected a government that asked us to go home, our mission became to train the Iraqis to keep the peace. Now that Iraqis are launching their own raids, what will be next?

How about protecting the pipelines for the big oil interests? No, I don't think our government will be willing to admit to that.

Though you now say "We must remember that this remains an ideological struggle with Islamic Jihadists," one fact is clear: Through force, we will NEVER achieve winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, or changing their ideology.

Therefore, the only winning path is certain: We must not send any more troops to Iraq, and we must bring the current troops home as quickly and honorably as possible so that we can begin to rebuild our military and protect our homeland.

There are many more economic, strategic, and moral reasons why this occupation is not justified, and I would love to discuss them with you. Would you be willing to meet with local representatives of Veterans for Peace during your time off on January 15th - Martin Luther King day? If not then, how about your District work period on Feb 19 - 23rd?


Steve Southwell

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