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Iraq: Declare Victory and Withdraw

The Editor's Column
Posted by BarbaraAnn on 2007/1/13 21:09:10 (1407 reads)

President Bush's purge of experienced military personnel advising against escalation, followed by his call for 21,500 additional troops is an example of failure to evaluate risk and failure to heed lessons of the past.

Any U.S. advisor honestly evaluating risk has been eliminated, accused of disloyalty. As in Vietnam, the voices of experienced advisors have been purged. The red scare of the 1950s eliminated State Department expertise on Indochina. The Bush Administration has purged experienced advisors and we can anticipate a disaster in Middle Eastern affairs in the next two years.

The U.S. faces an Iraqi government that is unable to win the war and that resents increased American intervention. This is a formula for failure.

We should declare we won and withdraw. Without regard to process, those needing PR benefit may claim we eliminated Saddam Hussein, brought the country to democratic elections, searched and demonstrated an absence of WMD. No further victory is possible, and we destabilize Iraq and the region by our presence. The risk- benefit analysis of staying compared to withdrawal clearly favors withdrawing from Iraq.


Barbara Ann Radnofsky
phone: 713-858-9391

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