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Open Letter to the Republican Congress

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Posted by trace042 on 2011/6/6 20:50:00 (3725 reads)

The government has reached the limit of its borrowing authority, $14.3 trillion. As our country stumbles towards yet another showdown over our national debt limit. It is time to stop all of this chest thumping and clever talk in front of the television cameras. Now is the time to save our country from financial ruin.

The Republicans find themselves with some real advantage here and yet they seem to make demands with no real solutions.

What I propose is a five-year plan.

1.) A $2.4 trillion increase in the nation's debt limit. This will stay in place for the next five years of the National, budget cycle.
2.) After five years, a $ 3.4 trillion reduction in the national spending limits.

To pass this budget resolution of raising the national debt limit through the Republication House. I propose that Republications ask for

1.) Drilling to start Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska (ANWAR)
2.) President Obama repeals his Health Care plan. Start over with a true bi-partisan
Committee made up of equal amounts from both parties and real American business.

As a country we must also look at the way we are doing business

Most folks who take the time to read my papers know I put a great deal of stock in our past leaders and their visions. I will always look to our past leaders for there wisdom no matter what side of the isle they sat. Our truly great leaders in our history were always Americans first before they were party candidates.

Our country must shift from economic-based planning back to technology-based planning. To do this we go back to the true father of Republican conservatism ideas. That is President Ronald Reagan and bring back Project Socrates.

Folks we are a blessed country
We can find a way to feed the poor.
We can find a way to health care for all
We can find a way to balance our budget
We can find a way to educate all
We can find a way for jobs for all

Together we can find a Better Way

Don Tracey

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