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Busy This Week – Upcoming Stories

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/2/20 5:42:27 (1958 reads)

I feel obliged to apologize to my regular readers for the dearth of material recently. It’s been busy on the home-front, with Democratic Party business, and at work lately, and when that happens, something’s gotta give.

In the past week, I had four separate party-related functions to attend, one of which I intend to write about: "Turning Texas Blue", a Democratic strategy meeting of a couple hundred Democrats in Fort Worth.

We also held our Denton County Democrats Candidate Recruitment Committee meeting this past week, and I must say that I’m excited about our prospects for the 2008, both nationally and locally. We announced the first meeting of Project Farm Team to be held on March 17th here in Lewisville at the City Hall Annex Community Room.

Here in Lewisville, we had our new Lewisville Library’s Grand Opening party. I’ve got some pictures. It was a fun event, and the new library is FABULOUS. I’m very grateful to our Mayor, Gene Carey and to the Council, Ken Judkins, and the members of the Library Board. Several years back, they pushed through and the voters approved overwhelmingly a quarter cent sales tax increase to cover parks and a library expansion. Our former mayor and current County Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell was in attendance as well. It was a pleasure to meet both Ms. Mitchell and Mayor Carey. Mayor Carey gave me a City of Lewisville lapel pin, which I love. I have some pictures to upload, but well – I can’t do that right now.

Earlier this week, my laptop started to show some hard drive problems, and since my computer is my livelihood, I lost several hours of work, having to go out and get a new 160GB drive, and copy my old hard drive to it.

I also discovered that this website had developed some strange problems earlier this week. It wasn’t showing blog entries at all for awhile, but some tweaks of the SQL queries in the PHP source got it going again. Unfortunately, photo uploads and the RSS feed are both broken. I’m not sure what happened, really. Could be just a glitch in some library or database record, or I could have someone messing with my site. If it’s the latter, then I’ll consider myself flattered. Otherwise, I hope I can get them fixed this week, but it looks like there is some really tough coding ahead for me at my day job. I’ll be in Long Island, New York all week for my client. Eventually WhosPlayin will change to a hosting provider service instead of being hosted from the server in my office.

I have a lot of blogs that are partially written:

I’ll also be doing some coverage of the 2007 Texas Municipal Elections, including some candidate interviews:

  1. Marvin Sutton, running for Arlington City Council
  2. John McClelland, candidate for Dallas City Council
  3. Possibly others
  4. I’ll also be posting the voting locations for the city council elections in as many of the local North Texas cities as I can.

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