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Thoughts on Monday Morning

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/10/3 14:53:02 (1715 reads)

Here are some links and stuff I meant to post yesterday night, but I just ran out of steam and went to bed at a fairly decent hour.

Today's music by Lady Antebellum: "We Owned the Night" I bought their album last week and have just loved it. Highly recommended for folks who like new style country music. This is the group that was on Saturday Night Live this past week.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has some thoughts on government, taxation, the economy, and politics on his blog. I don't agree with all of it, but I appreciate the candor and non-partisan nature of it.

My favorite quote from it:

There is an ongoing refrain from some that any increase in Taxes will have a negative impact on investment and job creation. Not true in 99.99 pct of cases. Never has been. Never will be. First the .01% times where it may be true. Potentially, a person could have some amount of money less than what they need to start a company because they paid say 1k dollars more in taxes this year than they did last year. This could happen and I’m sure it has happened. but its the exception that proves the rule.

Now the rule…

People driven to succeed are driven to succeed. People driven by money are driven by money. People driven to compete, compete. We live in a country that puts an emphasis on achievement. Not just financial achievement. The ability to set goals and achieve them. We celebrate and reward those that accomplish their goals. It is part of the very fabric of what makes this country so amazingly unique.

And this:
I have NEVER met a motivated person who has said they would not chase their goals because of tax rates.

He nailed it with that. Republican talking points are just bullshit talking points. In real life, it's the motivation, the economy, disposable income and the market outlook that drives investment, not taxes.

Obama Fried Chicken? Wow. Just - wow.

Check out this dog.

Plano ISD's Superintendent just announced his retirement.

The law of the land here in the U.S. says that discrimination in housing will not be tolerated. Landlords, Realtors, mortgage bankers, and sellers who discriminate based on race face stiff penalties. Yet, people still self-segregate by race, and even more so by economic status. In this particular case, a couple where the husband will be attending Dallas Theological Seminary have asked where they can get housing in Lewisville for $90,000 in a "primarily Caucasian" neighborhood. What do you think, racist or not?

Former LISD Deputy Superintendent Alan King, in his role as interim Superintendent of Dallas Schools now has a huge problem on his hands with one elementary school where Hispanic kids say they are threatened and bullied by teachers.

With most things that go on in schools, it's hard to get the full story right away because school officials' hands are tied by federal rules on the release of student information. But if the allegations are even partially true, then I'd say that this school has such a serious institutional problem, that it would need to be completely 100% re-staffed. Fire the bad ones and reassign the good ones. Not even a trace of that institutional culture should remain. NBC 5 has more, if you can't access the DMN article above. WFAA also covered the story.

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