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Haute On Design: Tips on Summer Outdoor Entertaining

Haute on Design
Posted by Tamela on 2012/4/25 14:47:57 (2011 reads)
Haute on Design

By Tamela Bowie

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining. Pool parties, back-yard barbeques and evening soirees are just some of the events that come to mind. Many homeowners today have created an outdoor oasis right in their backyard complete with outdoor kitchens, dining and living spaces perfect for outdoor entertaining. Want to create a fun and exciting outdoor entertaining space…then follow these simple design tips:

1. Ample cushioned seating is a must when it comes to outdoor entertaining. You want your guests to feel relaxed at all times which encourages great conversation and socializing. *If you do not have enough patio furniture, incorporate your indoor furniture such as chairs, stools or settees.

2. Create an inviting and relaxed dining experience by using an eclectic mixture of plates, glasses and serving platters.

Open in new window3. Set up a drink serving area. If it is going to be self-service, be sure to provide an assortment of drinks along with all the necessary accoutrements.

4. If you are decorating with a theme, be sure to keep the theme consistent throughout your decorating process.

5. Lighting is just as important when you are entertaining outdoors. If it is an early evening or late evening event, be sure to have adequate task lighting for food preparation/consumption and ambient lighting to set the mood. Most importantly, burn citronella candles to ward off any uninvited guests (bugs and mosquitoes).

6. Shade is a must if you are entertaining during the day. Large gazebo tents, umbrellas and pergolas provide the perfect refuge from the sun.

7. Play music to set the tone and atmosphere. Be sure to play a variety of music to appeal to all guests. Avoid loud, hostile and offensive music at all times. Jazz is always a neutral genre of music.

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients needed to create a perfect outdoor entertaining space, just simply throw in some good food and great company and you will be well on your way to having a great time.

For more decorating and design tips, please be sure to follow me on Twitter: @HauteOnDesign, “like” The JewelBox on Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, HauteOnDesign. In closing, “Have fun decorating…always incorporate whimsy…It’s Haute!”

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