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Aldi's Market to Open in Lewisville

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Posted by jbcglc on 2012/8/20 21:50:00 (6313 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Jim Collier

Lewisville’s pro-business climate has scored again. A new building has been erected to house an Aldi’s Supermarket across the parking lot of the LISD Administration Building on the northeast corner of W. Main and Garden Ridge Blvd.

Aldi’s is a German owned grocery chain with a few wrinkles for us Americanos. Bags are either purchased at the checkout, or customers bring their own. If a shopping cart is used, a 25 cent deposit* is required, the deposit is returned when the cart is returned to the rack. Aldi’s management claims these measures allow lower prices at checkout. Whether that is the reason, or not, their prices are consistently lower than major grocery chains prices.

Credit cards are not accepted, nor are personal checks. Payment is required in cash or by Debit Card.

Inside the store customers will not see the brand names shoppers are accustomed to. The Aldi chain contracts for several different store brands.

Their eggs are priced at approximately 75% of the typical Tom Thumb or Kroger, but when they say Large, they mean it.

Other than the eggs, the poultry, beef, and pork products are high quality and priced 10% to 15% lower than standard prices found at major grocery chains. Dairy products are high quality and also priced lower than standard.

One peculiarity of the chain is some items in the frozen food sections are only available certain times of the year, or only once a year. One specific example is Gyros Sandwich Kits (outstandingly delicious!). These are available at midsummer, and only then. Also Wiener Schnitzel cutlets (frozen from Germany) seem to appear around Easter. Store employees just shrug when asked when items can be expected.

For any customer who wants to preview the Aldi’s chain, visit the Carrollton store located at Denton Drive and Frankford. The Lewisville store is tentatively scheduled to open in late September or October.

With grocery prices increasing across the board, this added competition is win/win.

*The original version of this story incorrectly stated the shopping cart deposit as $1 instead of 25 cents. We regret the error.

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