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Haute On Design: "FALL" Back in Love with Your Home

Haute on Design
Posted by Tamela on 2012/9/28 4:20:00 (2334 reads)
Haute on Design

By Tamela Bowie

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Mother Nature puts on an awesome display of colorful beauty that can provide inspiration for decorating your home for the Fall. Brightly colored leaves, pumpkins and cornucopias are the staples for Fall decorating. By using nature as your guide along with these decorating tips, you can make a showy statement this Fall.

Open in new windowThe changing color of the leaves are a signal that Fall has arrived. Fall leaves come in various colors ranging from the crimson reds to the golden yellows. They can be used to make great garlands, swags, and wreaths for your home.

Pumpkins are not only great for making pumpkin pies but they are also great to use for decorating. You can group them together as a collection or you can stack the pumpkins on top of each other to make a pumpkin topiary.

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Surprise your guests by using apothecary jars filled with an array of treats and sweets. Pretzels, nuts and cookies are great for snacking on those chilly Fall nights. For Halloween, you can fill them with all sorts of Halloween candy.Open in new window

Don’t wait until Christmas to decorate your fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantels are just as beautiful when decorated with the warmth of pinecones, colorful leaves and pumpkins.

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Every Fall season, Mother Nature gives us a front row seat to experience her beautiful Fall landscape. Seize that opportunity to “Fall” back in love with your home by decorating with some of nature’s best. In closing….”Have fun decorating, always incorporate whimsy…It’s Haute!”


For more decorating and design tips, please be sure to “like” Haute On Design on Facebook, follow on Twitter@HauteOnDesign and subscribe to HauteOnDesign on YouTube .

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