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Late-night Ponderings

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/6/30 8:04:25 (1959 reads)

Well, it's another sleepless night here - at least for me. MamaSk8z is snoring loudly next to me, and I am writing - about nothing in particular.

Today I had a very bad case of Fridayitis. I'm on vacation all week this coming week, so I was able to crack open a beer just before 5 today, and enjoy some time sitting on the front porch, playing my guitar, and conversing with neighbors.

Work has sucked lately due to a lot of travel, and just general burnout. I hope that the coming week will refresh me a bit in that regard.

It's been really interesting lately to watch the growth of readership of It is exciting to see an upward trend, and even more exciting when you suddenly get a spike of readers, like we had with our 99 cent wedding story, which at 5460 reads right now, is the most popular post I've ever written here.. I always hope that general interest stories like that will bring more regular readers.

I had started writing a bit of an outline as to where I hoped for the website to go, and the niche I wanted it to fill, but it sits in the folder of unposted items, still waiting for me to finish. I suppose that if I had to do this for a living, it would be no fun. The joy in blogging is writing about what you want when you want to. I have no deadlines, and I have no mandates of "must cover" materials.

That being said, I think that for a person who lives in Lewisville, you could do worse than to set your homepage up for With the news feeds, local coverage, opinion, and photos, everything you need is at your fingertips. If there's something I could add that would make it the perfect homepage, let me know.

One of the things that has hit me pretty hard lately - a gut shot, if you will- is that I cannot change the world by myself. I know it sounds simple, but a lot of times, I find myself highly frustrated when I don't see people stepping up to the plate to take on tough issues, or stand up to politicians that let us down, or sell us out. In the course of my coverage of the Lewisville Council elections, and in my time in the Democratic Party, I've learned so much that it's humbling. Basically in a nutshell, what I've learned is that each person should do what they can do at the level they can do it, and not try to bite off too much. Sure, it's tempting to say "If I were in charge, I would..." but that's not where change starts.

True change starts within the minds and hearts of individuals, who gradually come to realize that their previous perceptions were wrong, or that there is some imbalance or imperfection in "the way things are". As a father with two boys - now 8 and almost 7, I realize that family is the first level of governance. For myself and my family, we make our own "Energy Policy". We try to teach our children non-violent dispute resolution. We protect the environment by taking it upon ourselves to just do it. We don't wait for government to tell us to. We make our household an example of what we choose to make for our world. Others volunteer their time and money to fill in where government fails.

For me, my circle of influence may be small now - and that's ok with me. But I'm out here opening up my life to the general public and speaking my mind. It may be considered by some to be a Career Limiting Move - but I'm compelled by patriotism (and sometimes sleeplessness or boredom) to tell my thoughts, and let people know that I am a Texas Democrat, and I am your neighbor.

I've not done a perfect job as a citizen journalist, to be sure. One of my greatest failings here on this blog, I think is to have expended so much effort trying to play "gotcha, you S.O.B". There are plenty of other worthy news outlets for that sort of thing. Not that there isn't a place for it here when other news outlets fail, but it doesn't come without risks. It can cause more polarization and politicization of things - which is expressly NOT my intent here.

You know, in person, I absolutely LOVE talking politics - especially with those folks that consider themselves conservatives. Reason being, that I used to be one. I do tend to eschew labels for myself, but what I find, 90% of the time, is that when I talk to conservatives, there is more to agree on than to disagree on. And on the points where we disagree, we often agree that they're not that important.

OK, I'm rambling. I know it. Happens when I'm tired. Just have to do some more brain dump. Bear with me.

So another thing I find interesting is the amount of readership of this blog by folks on Capitol hill. We get an awful lot of hits from the Washington, DC area. We get a lot of .gov hits, a few .mil hits, some hits from the City of Lewisville's computers, and I think it was interesting that last week, I published a piece called "WhosRunnin, WhosNot" where I shared some gossip that has been piling up regarding our local Denton County politicians. Within one hour of the website being viewed by someone at, there was a post from the Republican chairwoman disputing some of what I said. Definitely shows that there is a line of communication from Washington back to the local Republican Party.

Lastly, an administrative thing: I am embarrassed to admit that I simply cannot get this website's email feature to work correctly. It has prevented users from being able to register and post blogs and comments. If you've tried to register, and failed, feel free to email me and I'll activate your account. Unfortunately, we have to control access to prevent spam. I end up deleting at least 6 posts per day from spammers. I rarely if ever, would delete a post or comment with anything substantial in it - even if I disagree with its content. We had a pretty good discussion here recently about health care policy reform, and I'd like to use that as an example of the type of civility that would be ideal for this website.

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