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Sunday Morning Update - Labor Day Edition

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/9/1 18:30:00 (5738 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowHappy Labor Day weekend, everybody. As you enjoy your extended weekend, please take a moment to think about the progress that was made in this country thanks to the labor movement.

Lewisville Texan Journal is an all volunteer publication that tries to fill in the gaps in local news coverage, and engage the community in important conversations. We don't always have time to write about every issue, so we try to periodically post these updates with links to stories in other publications that we think our readers need to be aware of. If you have something you want us to share, email it to

Unfortunately, on Friday a boater went missing on Lake Lewisville just North of the dam, and is presumed drowned. LTJ encourages everyone to please wear a life vest when boating, and especially when swimming anywhere deeper than you can stand up in. Our fire department says they have never pulled out a drowned body that was wearing a life vest. The Denton Record Chronicle has an article today about how lake deaths are down so far this year.

Lewisville Lake is currently sitting at 514.43 feet ASL, which is about 7 1/2 feet lower than conservation pool. This means the lake is 67% full. All local lakes are down quite a bit. Lewisville's mandatory stage 2 water conservation restrictions ended yesterday, which means that we are back in voluntary stage 1 conservation measures. This means that residents are asked to keep lawn watering to twice a week on trash days, in the early morning and evening hours.

Lewisville Dam is receiving some attention lately because it has some problems with seepage, and is presenting a large risk due to the number of people who depend on it for water and the number of people downstream from it. It's not in any imminent danger of immediate failure, but needs probably $50-100 million worth of work to take care of some problems. You can read all about the problems in this report from the Army Corps of Engineers. LTJ hopes to provide more on this project later.

Denton County is still suffering from drought conditions though, with rainfall 22 inches below normal for the past 15 months, and no rain in the forecast. So Denton County Judge Mary Horn has instituted a burn ban.

The groundbreaking is set for the I-35E expansion project, which will focus on Lewisville first. The Lewisville Lake bridge will come first, followed by FM 407, then Garden Ridge.

Flower Mound is working on its master plan.

As you may recall, Sheriff William Travis is under investigation by the Texas Rangers for a possibly offering then candidate Jesse Flores a job with the department if he agreed to step out of the race. This affidavit from the Texas Ranger investigating the case looks bad for Constable Flores. Flores purportedly discussed the investigation with Constable Burch after giving his word to the Ranger that he would not discuss the the investigation with anyone.

In Flower Mound, they recently held a summit regarding drug abuse and how to combat it.

When a police officer approaches someone with autism, and is not aware of it, they could respond to the weird behaviors in ways that are unhelpful or unfair. The Lewisville police department has received training regarding a new decal that alerts first responders to autism.

Big Tips Texas is a "reality" TV show that will focus on Redneck Heaven's Fort Worth breastaurant. With tongue firmly in cheek, the Dallas Observer suggests five other Texas-themed reality TV shows, including "the Real Housewives of Lewisville".

Neighbors Go has a story about Lewisville's upcoming liquor election.

Councilman Neil Ferguson on how the city sets priorities.

Lewisville High School students have increased their ACT (college readiness) scores. Their composite average is 20.7, compared to the state and national average of 20.9, and the LISD average of 24. Not all students take the ACT, since some take the SAT, and not all students are college bound. Unlike other tests though, the SAT and ACT are useful because they are indicators of how successful a student will be in college, and are used in college admissions decisions. So we need to keep working on preparing our students who are college bound to do well on these tests.

The Lewisville High School Farmer football team had their first pre-season game Friday night against the Plano Wildcats. Unfortunately, the Farmers just could not seem to move the ball and put any points on the board, and lost that game 22-0.
Farmer Football kicker Tluang Hmung fled persecution in Burma to come to the United States.

Just a few short years ago - before the economic downturn, Lewisville ISD was in fast growth mode. Voters approved bonds to build a lot of new facilities. Now that growth has slowed to almost a stop, there are still buildings in need of renovation and replacement.

You've definitely heard of DNA, and if you've ever taken a biology course, you probably are at least somewhat familiar with its cousin, RNA. But have you heard of BNA? Bridged Nucleic Acids are RNA analogues which are useful in research for diagnostics and therapeutics. Lewisville firm Bio-Synthesis is a pioneer in BNA.

Lewisville ISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Waddell writes about three fo the district's innovative initiatives for this year: The 1:X technology initiative, project based learning, and e-portfolios.

Former Lewisville Mayor David Denison, who was a board member for the North Texas Tollway Authority was cleared by FBI in a conflict of interest investigation, according to his lawyer.

Governor Rick Perry is being investigated for corruption after his line-item veto of funding for the Travis County prosecutor’s office.

Plenty of oil, but no water to drink.

Allen ISD finance director arrested for embezzlement.

Are you sure that you will be able to vote in this November’s election? You had better check your ID against your voter certificate and make sure the names match exactly. Especially if you have one of those names that is hyphenated or often misspelled, or if you got married and changed your name, you need to check it out. This website will tell you how to get a free voter ID. (Of course, you’ll still have to pay for the documents that go with it, but that maximum hassle is what they’re going for, since old people, young people, women, and poor people are suspect voters.) U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has sued in federal court to stop the Texas voter ID scheme from taking effect.

The November 5th election will have 9 proposed constitutional amendments.

Women's suffrage, Texas-style.

National / Miscellaneous:
Mandolin Master Chris Thile plays bluegrass and Bach.

Rand Paul doesn’t understand what the role of the Executive Branch is in the Federal government.

The University of Florida is now offering a Masters degree in Social Media. Yep.

Ted Cruz is busy telling lies about the Affordable Care Act. Yes, Congress is subject to the law just like we are - in fact, more so.

This car looks cool.

This catchy song by Anna Kendrick is not by any means a musical masterpiece, but she is a talented singer, and very attractive too.

Why you don’t want to store tons of ammunition in your residence.

Here's a cute game: Name hurricanes after climate change deniers. Cute as it is, what does bother me about this is the idea that specific weather events could be attributed to climate change. It's just as bad as when climate change deniers point to a snow storm and claim that it's "proof" of the non-existence of warming.

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