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Candidate Profile and Questionnaire: Angie Cox for LISD Trustee, Place 3

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/9/27 0:00:00 (7058 reads)
Lewisville ISD Notes

Open in new windowThe Lewisville Texan Journal invited all candidates for the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees to complete a questionnaire so that we and our readers could understand their experience, qualifications, and points of view. We will present each candidate's answers in full in their own articles here.

General Info

Candidate:Angie CoxOpen in new window
Office Sought:LISD Board of Trustees, Place 3
Campaign Website:N/A
Social Media:
Occupation:Owner of Cox Cleaning and Vice President/Escrow Officer for Allegiance Title.
Education:High School: Webber Township
College: University of North Texas. Received a Bachelor Degree in Science with Business minor

Background Questions

LTJ: Have you ever run for or served in elected office before? If so, please list campaigns and offices held:

Cox: I have run for Town Council of Flower Mound.

LTJ: In the past year, how many public meetings for this governing body have you attended?

Cox: I have attended several meetings regarding the Board meetings as well as forums and Bond Oversite committee.

LTJ: Please list any professional certifications, personal enrichment, or continuing education related the position you're running for:

Cox: I was named Citizen of the year for the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce in 2008

LTJ: What do you do for a living?

Cox: I am the owner of Cox Cleaning and work as Vice President/Escrow officer for Allegiance Title.

LTJ: Do the skills from your profession apply to the position you'd like to win? How so?

Cox: As a business owner I understand the financial end of running a business. At Allegiance Title I work with legal documents and faciliate a Real Estate transaction which requires good communication skills, organization and attention to detail.

LTJ: Do you, or does your employer or any immediate family member have any contracts with Lewisville ISD?

Cox: No.

LTJ: Do you, or does your employer or any immediate family member consider Lewisville ISD a potential client or customer?

Cox: No.

LTJ: Do you have volunteer experience in any of the following? (Non-profits, Political Organizations, Governmental boards or committees, Schools, PTAs, Booster Clubs, Homeowner Associations, Other community organizations?) If so, please list.

Cox:I have served in the following organizations:
President of the Lake Forest HOA
President of the Women of Flower Mound
President of the Friends of the Flower Mound Library
Secretary for Lewisville Education Foundation
Board member for Keep Flower Mound Beautiful
Board member for Children's Advocacy Center
Member of the baseball and basketball booster clubs
PTA member and volunteer
Mentor with Communities and schools
Served on PALS board for the Town of Flower Mound and currently on P&Z
YMSL league
Member of Flower Mound and Lewisville Chamber of Commerce. I have volunteered for several other non profits in the community.

Issues Questions

LTJ: How invested are you in LISD's strategic design? Do you believe that this has transformed LISD for the better? What positive attributes do you think that this transformation has brought for students in the district?

Cox: I am in support of the process of strategic design. It has allowed for the community to engage in the process.

I believe in the advancement of technology, however it is important that we measure the results and how it is affecting our teachers and students.

LTJ: What are your thoughts about the emphasis on standardized testing in Texas for student assessment and district accountability? Do you support the district’s request as part of the Texas High Performing Schools Consortium to opt-out of the state’s accountability standards?

Cox: I am in support of the district's request to opt-out of the state's accountability standards.

Standardized testing sometimes leads to teachers teaching to the test. We need to allow our teachers to use their expertise in educating our children. We have some of the best teachers in the state and they will help our children excel.

LTJ: In your opinion, do local school districts truly have local control?

Cox: Under the current mandates the district has very little control.

LTJ: Over the past few years, as the State of Texas has reduced funding for school districts, Lewisville ISD has taken many steps to cut back on its maintenance and operations budget, most notably, three years in a row of voluntary resignation incentives to shed teachers and staff and increase class sizes. Do you think the district has taken the right approach, or would you have done something different? What do you say to the voter who says we need to cut administration, or just “trim the fat”?

Cox: To the voter who says we need to trim the fat, I agree, we need to be conscious of how much administration we have and the duties they serve. With that said, we cannot afford to lose experienced teachers. Technology is great, but without great teachers our district will become average.

LTJ: Do you support the school board's decision to join the lawsuit against the State of Texas over school finance? Why or why not?

Cox: I support the schools board's decision to join the lawsuit against the State of Texas over school finance. The state has done a very poor job of managing school finance and has not proven that the situation will improve.

LTJ: The district’s current technology strategy, which it calls 1:X, calls for having the right device in the student’s hands at the right time. Classrooms are getting Apple products, including MacBooks and iPads. Over the next three years, the goal is to get an iPad into the hands of every student who wants one, so that they can take them home and keep them for the school year. Do you support the policy, or would you have done something differently? Why or why not?

Cox: I am in support of the 1:X initiative, however, the rollout has been extremely fast and I am not sure that the district is getting the necessary buy in from all parties concerned. We need to make sure that the device is being utilized for what it is designed to do with our students as well as our teachers.

We need to measure the results beginning with implementation through the final results from our students. This includes the training of teachers, the reliability of the networks, and the educational benefits to our kids.

LTJ: Do you have kids in the district? If so, what schools do they attend?

Cox: I have 4 children in the district. Two children attend Flower Mound High School, one attends McKamy and the other one attends Liberty Elementary School.

LTJ: Is LISD hitting the mark when it comes to communicating with parents, and involving them in their children’s education? What, if anything, do you think the district should do differently?

Cox: The district has great communication tools, unfortunately they are not being utilized to their fullest capacity.

LTJ: Have you participated in the INSIDE LISD program? If so, did it change any of your perceptions about how the district is run?

Cox: I have not, but think this is a great program for parents to engage and find out more about the district.

LTJ: What are your thoughts about school rezoning in general? How do you balance the needs of the district to keep campuses balanced and avoid having to build unnecessary capacity, while minimizing disruption to students?

Cox: Once a student has started in a school, rarely do they want to move. With the changing demographics of our communities, rezoning is unavoidable. We must do a better job planning further out. One year is not acceptable. The process should involve community leaders, school administrators, parents, and facility. Class sizes and capacity at schools is important, but should not be the only determining factor.

LTJ: Occasionally, particularly when parents are upset about school re-zoning, people will suggest that LISD de-annex some part of the district such as Flower Mound or Frisco, and let them form their own district or join another. What is your take on these ideas? Would you ever vote to allow the district to be split?

Cox: I would not support this. The size of our district allows the programs and services for our children. With a separation of the district this would be a huge financial burden to the tax payers in that community.

LTJ: What are your thoughts on private school vouchers and the expansion of charter schools?

Cox: I do not support the private school vouchers. The state has trouble funding public education. Any private school vouchers or expansion of charter schools will decrease the states funding allocations.

LTJ: What is your opinion on the value of cooperation between the school district and its municipalities? Is there any aspect that you would improve?

Cox: It is important that the district reach out to the municipalities for information on planning and zoning. It helps with the overall plan and growth of the district. We need to improve our relationships with all of our municipalities.

LTJ: Do you have a preferred approach when it comes to capital improvements and bond programs for the district?

Cox: We need to continue to assess our facilities and technology needs throughout the district. We need to be conscious of what we are spending our current bond dollars on.

Background Check

LTJ: Have you ever been convicted of a felony, or have you been convicted of any crime other than a minor traffic offense in the past 10 years?

Cox: No.
LTJ has conducted a criminal background check as we do for all local candidates, and it confirms no history.

LTJ: Have you been a defendant in a lawsuit in the past 10 years? If so, please provide a brief description.

Cox: No.
LTJ has conducted a civil background check as we do for all local candidates, and it confirms no history.

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