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Lewisville City Council Notes - 12/2/2013

Local News, Notes and Events
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Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Economic Development Deals Approved, Waste Contract Extended

The Lewisville City Council met in its regular scheduled meeting Monday night, December 2nd, 2013. The agenda for this meeting may be found here. These are our unofficial (and sometimes rough) notes on the proceedings. Minutes are generally posted by the City Secretary after the following meeting.

At the workshop session before the meeting, Council heard from Bright Realty, the developers of Castle Hills, who provided an update on two matters:

First, the proposal for Castle Hills East, the developers noted, is on hold for now and being restructured. One of the property owners, Graham Mortgage backed out of the deal due to some delays. It turns out that Atmos has some easements on the property that the two sides interpret a little differently, and this added some risk to the project that was preventing the deal from being done in a timely manner. The other property owner in the deal, the Clem family, is still possibly on board for development, but it will take some time to restructure.

Second, the developer provided updates on the status of the various Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) that overlay the Fresh Water Supply Districts over there. All of these districts are in City of Lewisville extra-territorial jurisdiction, and will some day be annexed at such point that their debt-to-property value ratio becomes equal to or below that of the City of Lewisville. Here's a summary of the information presented:

PID / District 2013 Values 2014 Values Current Debt Proposed 2014 Issues
-------------- ----------- ----------- ----------- -------------
PID 4 / Dst 1F $318.4 MM $336.4 MM $26.6 MM $ 3.7 MM (March)
PID 5 / Dst 1G $ 58.9 MM $ 83.5 MM $ 0 $13.0 MM (April)
PID 6 / Dst 1H $ 49.7 MM $ 49.7 MM $ 0 $ 7.0 MM (Sept.)
PID 7 / Dst 1C $ 6.7 MM $ 10.1 MM $ 0 $ 2.5 MM (Feb.)

The City of Lewisville facilitates the bond sales for these districts, but the bonds are payable only from the proceeds of property tax levies on these districts, and not on the citizens of the City of Lewisville. The bonds pay for public improvements such as streets and water or sewer infrastructure.

The Council went over the regular agenda items, and noted that for item #10, which was the appointment to the Denton Central Appraisal District Board, that Councilman Durham would be abstaining due to his employment by the district, and that since councilmen Tierney and Ferguson were both absent, they lacked a quorum to discuss it. Mayor Ueckert was about to request that staff call a special meeting prior to the December 15th deadline so that this item could be passed, but then Councilman Ferguson showed up late, and apparently very under the weather, judging by the laryngitis. So they were able to discuss this in workshop.

Regular Session

Mayor Ueckert recognized the Denton County Veterans Treatment Court with a proclamation lauding them for saving the lives, families, and futures of our nation's veterans. The court is a special criminal court that tries to steer veterans who are involved with the justice system into treatment that will rehabilitate them and get them back on a good path without necessarily having a final conviction on their record. Denton Record Chronicle has an article explaining the court.

Visitors / Citizens Forum
Former Councilman John Gorena spoke about the "Young Heroes of the Guard" toy drive sponsored by the Texas State Guard benefiting children who are in local chidren's hospitals around the area. Donations of new and non-giftwrapped toys are being accepted until December 13th at several area locations: The Lewisville Library, First Choice Power, and the Garden Ridge Church of Christ.

Caroline Berend, owner of the destination Bridal Boutique on Main Street addressed the Council about a lack of parking in front of her business and along Main Street for the other merchants as well. Berend asked the Council to consider turning Poydras back into a one-way street as it intersects Main Street from the South.

Lewisville Texan Journal Editor Steve Southwell addressed the Council to note that nominations are under way for Lewisville Citizen of the Year.

Consent Agenda
The consent agenda items passed unanimously. Notable in the consent agenda were two economic development deals which benefit Lewisville not only by providing enhanced services and shopping to residents, but by increasing the business tax base for the long run: WinCo Foods proposes to build a grocery store in the Old Orchard shopping center, adding about $15.5 million in property value - of which the city would rebate 75% of its city ad valorem taxes for 10 years. Medical Center of Lewisville will undertake improvements of $17 million, of which the city will rebate 75% of city ad valorem taxes for 5 years, and 25% for 5 more years. Both projects include rebates of the city's 1% share of sales taxes for building materials purchased for the renovations.

Regular Agenda
Item #8, a temporary extension of the current waste and recycling franchise agreement with Waste Management was passed unanimously. The agreement extends garbage and recycling collection under the current service levels until May of 2014 while the City Manager and his staff work on a new 10-year agreement. The new agreement is proposed to have once-weekly trash and recycling pickup using Waste Management-provided 96 gallon wheeled carts.

Item #9, aquisition of easements for sewers and sewer construction along Timber Creek was approved unanimously. The city will make offers to several property owners based on appraised values, and take the easements by eminent domain if necessary in order to improve and repair several sewer crossings along the creek.

Item #10 was the consideration of a resolution casting Lewisville's 124 votes for a member of the Denton Central Appraisal District board. Councilman Durham abstained and left the room. Councilman Ferguson moved that all 124 votes be cast for David Terre. This was seconded by Councilman Vaughn and approved unanimously 3-0.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Freed reminded the Council that Santa will start making his way around Lewisville on fire engines starting this coming Sunday night. It will take about 2 weeks to hit every neighborhood.

Public Works Directory Carole Bassinger noted that the water tower on I-35 had been painted with a commemoration of the 2013 Lewisville Softball Team's state championship.

Assistant City Manager Donna Barron reminded everyone about the Old Town Holiday Stroll this coming Saturday. The weather is expected to possibly turn icy, so the parade may or may not happen. For now it is planned to happen at 3 p.m. If the weather looks bad, city staff will make a decision by 10 a.m. whether to cancel.

Councilman Gilmore noted that the Lewisville Library had been recently reorganized, and that people who are confused by the Dewey Decimal system would like the new arrangement which is laid out more by topic, much like a bookstore.

There being no further business, and no need for executive session, the Council adjourned at 7:43 p.m.

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