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Sunday Night Update

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/6/9 1:03:53 (4256 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowAll week at work, I have been on non-stop conference calls, to the point that my brains are just about to ooze out of my ears. This video pretty much sums up every single one of them.

It sure was nice this morning, sleeping in, then getting up to get coffee and seeing that it was raining. We had wanted to take the kayaks out this morning, but I’ll definitely take the rain.

As of this morning, Lewisville Lake was up about 0.05 inches to 514.10 feet ASL, or just shy of 8 feet low, where it has been hovering for months. The National Weather Service has not yet posted rain totals from this morning, but what we’ve seen so far is not going to make much difference. We sort of need a tropical storm to sweep over the gulf and park over North Texas for a few days if we hope to catch up. Dallas Water Utilities lakes are 28.8% depleted at this point, which is still well below the 50% depletion level that kicks in further conservation measures, but I am concerned about Super Summer.

Lewisville High School alumna Aubrey Butts was killed this past week in a car accident.

Lewisville police are changing their policy with regards to towing disabled vehicles on or near our highways, and it has logistic and financial implications for Lewisville’s motorists. The gist of it is that police will immediately try to move vehicles off the roadway after an accident, and vehicles left along roadways will be towed away much sooner than before. If you have to abandon your vehicle to get help, you’ll need to call Lewisville PD and advise them right away unless you want your car towed and impounded. We’re still researching that story and hope to bring you some additional facts and tips this week. You can read the basics in the Lewisville Leader.

Speaking of the police, The Lewisville Texan Journal congratulates Assistant Police Chief Jay Powell on his recent promotion from Captain to Assistant Chief.

The DFW Urban Wildlife blog has an article about a walk through LLELA (Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area).

Idiot Lewisville kid crashes after huffing air duster while driving.

Thieves were caught stealing used oil and grease.

Did you know that Lewisville posts food service inspection scores online for the public to review? Go to this page and search through the records to find your favorite restaurants and see how they scored.

More idiotic HOAs being idiotic. In case anyone still hasn’t heard, we’re in extreme drought.

Flower Mound Rotary awarded $35,000 to local charities.

Tyrone Negal Jenkins of Lewisville was found guilty on capital murder charges, and sentenced to life in prison for a 2011 murder. The original suspect that Lewisville police had arrested, Markell Hardy was found guilty last summer, and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

In Denton, the citizen-led initiative to ban “fracking” (hydraulic fracture stimulation of gas wells) continues to move forward, with the petitions having been accepted, and a public hearing scheduled. I will continue to assert that this is the kind of thing that will happen when local officials are tone-deaf to resident concerns and fail to act responsibly in regulating an industry that has the capability to cause environmental disasters and destroy neighborhoods. This is the backlash, and the pendulum swing. If this passes - which I suspect it will, it will cost Denton as well as the gas exploration companies a lot of legal fees before it is litigated.

Scientists who examined natural gas in a Parker County water well now say that tests prove the gas came from wells nearby that were hydraulically fractured. We originally thought the Fart Fairy was to blame for this. But then we heard some additional information that pointed more towards some old open-hold gas wells nearby in the Strawn formation. For now, we’ll have to defer to the views of science.

Dallas ISD coaches were caught in a recruiting scandal, and fired.

A computer programmer has come up with a solution to the problem of gerrymandering, turning the entire process over to an impartial algorithm.

America: What the hell is wrong with us? I have seen a lot of shameful articles, “news” stories, and Facebook posts over the past few days regarding the release of American prisoner or war, Bowe Bergdahl. Not only have the facts been misrepresented (primarily by Fox “News”), but faux patriots have been downright hateful, and some have even resorted to death threats. Some people need to stop and think about what it means to be an American, and what the central tenets of our justice system are. We don't need to make heroes, and we don't need to vilify. We have military courts and mental health professionals who will deal with the details. The hypocrisy is running strong with too many folks on this.

I’m not a fan of mixing politics with religion, because in my opinion, it corrupts them both. We have seen lately a problem with “fake Christians” who seem to view Christianity more as an identity rather than as the following of what Jesus Christ actually taught. And it seems the more vocal they are, the more fake they are. Hrafnkell Haraldsson goes into more detail in his column “The Problem of Fake Christians”. I couldn’t agree more.

Speaking of religion, Christianity is the top religion in each state by percentage, but did you know what the second one is? In Texas, it is Islam. Personally, I think this is BS, since people self-classify as an identity based more on their tradition and upbringing than the actual tenets of their religion’s teachings. I’d like to see this redone with new categories of “spiritual”, “atheist”, and “heathen” added. I suspect you’d see a different result, and in some states, Christianity probably would not be on top.

Speaking of Islam, in Keller, bigoted school board member Jo Lynn Haussmann lashed out like an illiterate two-year-old at a newly-elected Southlake City Council member who happens to be Muslim, and ended up having to make a public apology. It’s not enough. Bigots like that have no business representing the people and conducting the people’s business. She needs to resign, and seek some psychiatric help.

Holy crap! Hide your wife, hide your kids! There are Democrats in Flower Mound! It seems that Flower Mound Mayor Tom Hayden made some comments on Facebook that basically implied that all Democrats are “immigrants” from other states, and that Texans should be careful. The backlash was covered by the local NBC affiliate, and has resulted in the Flower Mound Democrats congealing into an organized Facebook social group with more than 200 members joining in the past few days. The group is secret, so if you want to join, you will have to find someone to invite you. You might reach out to the group’s organizer, Kris Williams Thompson, who had this to say: “we really do accept anyone, but we will not tolerate drama in the group. The page is more about having fun together as like minded individuals than politics, although we do discuss politics as well.”

We’re still trying to get our hands on the final version of the 2014 Texas Republican Party platform, but here’s an early look at the more controversial planks. You know, I think it used to be that the Republican party valued facts, and a reality-based approach to things, but first the neo-cons, then the Tea Party have dragged them into a place where every new iteration is now a caricature of what it was the year before.

Rick Perry’s Texas legacy is unraveling.

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