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Lewisville Police Arrest Murder Suspect in Memphis Tennessee Home Invasion Case

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/6/10 23:10:00 (3598 reads)

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DeAngelo Antwann Howard, 29 (LPD photo)
Open in new windowWhen a local hotel noticed a man staying there under two different names, they got suspicious and called police, who determined the man is a suspect in a home invasion murder.

Lewisville Police Department reported that on Monday, June 2nd, they were contacted by a local hotel regarding a suspicious person. LPD Detective Scott Kelly was told that an individual had been staying at the hotel using at least two different names. Detectives Kelly and Henley, along with Officer Gehrke responded to the location to investigate the incident.

At that time, the suspect was not located, but officers examined a photocopy of the Texas driver's license he used to check in, and determined that the license was forged.

On June 3rd, Detectives Kelly and Henley, along with Officer Carlos Flores, responded back to the hotel, making contact with the suspect, who lied about his identity, providing the name and identifying information of an individual who was possibly deceased.

Detectives were able to learn the suspect’s true identity and that he was from the same city in Tennessee where the deceased person had lived. The suspect is DeAngelo Antwann Howard, 29. The suspect was initially arrested for forgery and fail to identify.

Detective Henley contacted the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department to inquire about the deceased individual. Memphis P.D. confirmed that the name and identity used by the suspect came back to an individual who died from wounds sustained during a home invasion robbery. Henley then added a charge of identity theft to the list of charges facing the suspect. On June 5th, the homicide detective from Memphis P.D. obtained a murder warrant for the arrest of the suspect.

Howard is being held in Denton County Jail in lieu of bond amounts totaling $550,000.

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