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Saturday Afternoon Update

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/6/14 23:30:00 (6465 reads)

Open in new windowThe Lewisville High School family was shocked and saddened Friday to learn of the sudden and unexpected passing of a teacher who was adored by many, and deeply involved in the community. Darren Ryan was a teacher, and Social Studies Department Chairman at Lewisville High School for 22 years. Ryan graduated from Lewisville High School in 1983. Ryan played in a band called “The Grenadines”, and loved to teach. A memorial service will be held Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 10:00 am at Trietsch Memorial Church at 6101 Morriss Road in Flower Mound.

LHS activities director Allison Stamey had this to say about Ryan:
“He was an amazing teacher and man. Everyone adored him. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to his family and wife, Pam. They were a large part of the Lewisville HS activities. He was the junior state of America advisor for years and brought his students on many trips and held many political debates. He was a constant for us. He graduated from LHS in 1983 and loved the farmers with all his heart. He had just worked graduation on Monday night tweeting and posting about it. All who knew him are devastated by his loss. We will miss him every day.”

The Lewisville Texan Journal staff also extend our sympathies to Ryan’s family, friends, and students. A video of Ryan’s band is at the end of this article.

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowLewisville ISD is required under House Bill 5 to submit community-based accountability ratings to the state for all of its campuses for eight areas of concern that are not the standard high-stakes testing numbers. Ratings for Digital Learning Environment and Gifted and Talented were the most likely areas to fall short of the exemplary goal. See how your kids’ campus did.

DFW National Cemetery aerial flyover.

Best Little Brewfest in Texas is this coming Saturday to Old Town, Lewisville.

LISD posted season ticket information for the 2014 Football season. For Lewisville High School games, the cost is $41 for 5 home games plus the Battle of the Axe. Ticket sales begin July 7th for current season ticket holders, and July 14th for the general public.

The third annual Lewisville Hey! Day will take place Friday, Aug. 15 from 6-9 p.m. at Lewisville High School’s Max Goldsmith Stadium. The event is a welcome-back to all students who go to schools within the Lewisville High School feeder pattern. Suitable for all ages, the event showcases the local schools and their extracurricular programs, and connects students and parents to resources.

- Hey! Day Twitter: @Farmer_Hey_Day
- Hey! Day Hashtag: #HeyDay14
- Hey! Day Facebook
- Photos from last year

Lewisville ISD posted a demographic summary for the first quarter of 2014. Housing starts and closings are strongest in the Castle Hills area. The report also provides some interesting ecomonic data.

The Lewisville City Council recently renamed what had been College Street Park to “Wayne Frady Park”, honoring a lifelong Lewisville resident.

Navy Seaman Apprentice David R. King, son of Marty E. Kennedy of Tyler, Texas and Cathy E. King. Of Lewisville, Texas, was recently promoted to his current rank upon graduation from U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill. King received the early promotion for outstanding performance during all phases of the training cycle. King is a 2008 graduate of Lewisville High School, Lewisville, Texas.

Army Sgt. Andrew W. Peck stood on hallowed ground in Normandy, France, as he and hundreds of other American service members commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy D-Day invasion. Peck is a member of A 307th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., and spent approximately a week in the Normandy region, participating in ceremonies and representing the Americans who fought here 70 years ago. "I'm a proud American and a proud paratrooper. I'm extremely proud and grateful to participate in this jump in honor of those brave men who jumped in 70 years ago. God bless Texas. God bless America and God bless France," Peck said. Peck is the son of Steven and Debbie Peck of Shady Shores, Texas, and is a 2005 graduate of Lewisville High School.

The Lewisville Leader’s Heather Goodwin has a great article about how Lewisville police work to combat crimes against women. If you ever look at our police blotter, you see that there are quite a few arrests on family violence charges. Rape and family violence happen much more than what even gets reported. These are problems that cross all races and socioeconomic levels, as well as both genders. We all need to be aware, and do our part to stop rape and family violence, and to raise our children not to do it.

A Lewisville woman had her phone stolen from a Dallas grocery store, and used an app to track it down and recover it from a nearby neighborhood. Moral of the story: Shop in Lewisville. ;) - nah, just kidding. Police say keep your phone in your pocket.

Here is a nice profile article about 2014 Lewisville High School graduate and all-around impressive young lady, Samantha Martinez.

And here is a nice profile article of City of Lewisville Human Resources Director Melinda Galler, who is an asset to our city and a very nice person.

Lewisville ISD School Board will vote Monday on procurement of $11.7 million in technology as part of continued implementation of its 1:X technology program. On the list are 427 iPad minis, 11,670 iPads, 60 iMacs, 44 MacBook Airs, 4 MacPro servers, 200 Dell Laptops and Desktops, and 9150 Chromebooks. Chris Roark has an article in the Carrollton Leader that provides more detail.

CNN cut its stated number of 74 school shootings since Newtown, to only 15. Apparently, going into a school with the intention of murdering someone there with a gun doesn't actually count as a school shooting. Glad the gun nuts were able to convince CNN that shootings that happen to take place in a school are not necessarily school shootings.

Lewisville Animal Shelter’s pet of the week

Idiotic school administrators being idiotic: Banning sunscreen.

In Texas, we still have a problem with racist elected officials. Connie Trube, a two-term city council member from La Marque advocated “getting those blacks off the school board”. Meanwhile, the Keller ISD trustee we mentioned last week, Lynn Haussmann, has been formally censured for her remarks about a Muslim city council member.

Two Proud Gun Nuts Second-Amendment Each Other To Death In Road Rage Incident

It has been a week already, and the Republican Party of Texas has still yet to publicly post their 2014 platform, (We’d be embarrassed too.) but we did want to share this early draft we found. Not only is it basically a bat-shit crazy caricature of a caricature of what the Republican Party used to be, but it’s fairly incoherent, and self-conflicted - reading a bit like a laundry-list of conspiracy theory and insane ramblings from that weird uncle who always makes for uncomfortable conversation at family reunions. People who consider themselves conservative might want to actually have a read, and ask themselves whether the party is still connected with reality.

Example of two items that are literally 3 paragraphs apart:
Item 1-5: “We decry the appointment of unelected bureaucrats, and we urge Congress to use their constitutional authority to defund and abolish these positions and return authority to duly elected officials, accountable to the electorate...”
Item 1-8: “Expand the Sunset commission to be a majority citizen-led commission on government reform (appointed by Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House)”

How about these items that are literally one paragraph apart:
Item 1-26: “We strongly oppose any constitutional convention to rewrite the United States Constitution. We urge the Legislature to rescind its 1977 call for such a convention...”
Item 1-27: “... We urge the Texas State Legislators to take the lead in calling for an Article V Amending Convention of States for the specific purpose of reigning in the power of the federal government.”

Or two sentences in the same paragraph:
“We support the U.S. maintaining continued control of the internet. We also demand that no American government at any level should have any kind of “kill-switch” capability, either by executive order or by statute.”

Well, which is it? Should the U.S. control the internet or not? Perhaps the terms “U.S.” and “control” do not mean what you think they do.

Further down, the RPT would like juries to have the ability to judge and overturn (or nullify) the law, but want elected judges to exercise restraint. (See sections 1-60 and 1-61)

Lewisville band “The Grenadines” featured the late Darren Ryan :

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