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Lewisville Prepares for Once-a-Week Trash Pickup

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Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/6/21 17:40:00 (2443 reads)

Open in new windowWaste Management, Lewisville's contracted trash hauler, released a map this week of what the new trash pickup days will be for various parts of the city when the new once-a-week pickup goes in to effect. You can view the larger version of the map by clicking the image to the right.

In March, the Lewisville City Council renewed the contract with Waste Management, moving from our current twice-a-week pickup schedule to a once-a-week schedule using carts provided by Waste Management.

The new routes begin Monday, August 4th. Waste Management will deliver the new carts the week of July 21st and pick up the old recycling carts on the week of July 28th.

For more information, see our previous article, or visit the City of Lewisville Website.

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