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The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/4/27 4:53:59 (2662 reads)

With thanks to our generous readers who have contributed donations this year, we have just finally been able to upgrade our website hosting to what we believe will be a much more reliable plan. For several hours while DNS changes get propagated and caches expire, readers may or may not be able to reach our site, depending on where you're coming from.

Hopefully at the moment, readers will not notice much of a difference. We expect there may be an issue or two over the next couple of days as we ensure that we have everything moved. We've been something like 6 years on the same old hosting plan, and we've used the same software since 2004 (with upgrades as we can, of course).

Please email if you notice anything on the website that is not working.

In the next few months, we have other updates planned, or in the works, including:

- Upgrading the Content Management System that runs our website. We're looking at Joomla and Wordpress to see which would work better. The second phase of this would be porting our existing archive of articles over to the new system.

- Upgrading our police and fire radio to provide better streaming service, and compatibility with upcoming new digital service that LPD will switch to.

- Adding a cloud server for long-term media storage and file sharing.

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