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Last Week To Witness Nature's Embrace at MCL Grand

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Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/6/16 4:30:00 (1616 reads)

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By Philip Moulard

Thursday May 7, 2015, marked the opening of Jordan Grimes’ ‘Nature’s Embrace’ , presented by the Lewisville Visual Arts League. The fully extensive gallery features a large collection of both paintings, sculptures, and sketches, housed at the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater. The gallery was Grimes’ prize for winning the 2014 Fresh Ideas Juried Exhibit and is open to the public free of charge, Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Grimes, a 28 year old resident of Shady Shores, Texas, spent his entire life growing up and working on a 5th generation organic farm. Grimes’ ancestor, Cynthia Ann Parker, was a small Texan girl captured at the age of 9 by a Comanche war party. Parker spent 24 years of her life assimilated into the tribe, eventually giving birth to Quanah Parker, the last chief of the Comanche tribe. The story of Parker was told throughout Grimes’ life and had a significant impact on him from a very early age. Throughout his youth, Grimes spent his free time drawing figures using aspects of nature like leaves and plant parts. As time passed, Grimes’ love of the natural world around him grew, leading him to the creation of these magnificent sculptures.

Nature’s Embrace is a loving homage to Native American culture, and their historic bond with nature. Taking the human form and manifesting it inside whole, untreated pieces of wood, Grimes has created organic and hauntingly beautiful pieces that cover a wide range of emotional representation. With nearly 90 pieces of art ranging from sculptures to sketches, Grimes exhibit showcases an unprecedented connection to his heritage and artistic expression that truly must be seen to be understood.

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Oath Keeper, the sculpture greeting you as you walk through the gallery doors, conveys a sense of wisdom and certainty. A stern depiction of an elder chief, this piece immediately draws art patrons to bear witness to its glory. The facial expression and stance of the sculpture showcase unrivaled confidence, one can only assume this piece was a representation of the artist's own state while crafting this elegant piece. Despite the solemn presence, there also seems to be a feeling of exhaustion expressed.

Sitting in the middle of the exhibit is the titular, Nature’s Embrace. Hauntingly beautiful, this piece embodies many aspects of nature. Conveying a sense self-assuredness, and unbridled authority, Nature’s Embrace represents the raw essence of life. The combination of pure physical beauty and off-putting jagged structures represent the beautiful yet dangerous reality of nature itself. This sculpture is a true masterpiece in every regard.

The last and the most truly remarkable piece of this collection was The War Prophet. Sitting taller than most pieces, War Prophet demands your attention. Depicting an aging warrior and adorning a blade as old and tattered as himself, the War Prophet is one of the most expressive pieces in this collection. The pain and sorrow depicted in this piece could only represent the exhaustion and remorse associated with war and bloodshed. Eyes winced and back contorted, the War Prophet is captured in a state of absolute discomfort, yet still keeps his intimidating and powerful aura.

Nature’s Embrace is truly something that needs to be experienced. Jordan Grimes has put his heart and soul into every sculpture, painting, and sketch presented in this gallery. It is an honor for such a unique and incredibly impressive to be housed within Lewisville’s own MCL Grand. Be sure to go and see it before the gallery’s final date Saturday, June 20th, for art of this caliber is nothing short of a blessing.

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