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Food Reviews: Harvest Chinese Restaurant

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Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/30 22:47:11 (1531 reads)

By Philip Moulard

1288 W Main St #231, Lewisville, TX 75067
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My significant other is a fiend for Chinese cuisine. She does not simply want it often, she seems to have a genetic need for its consumption. Over the past two years of our residence in Lewisville, we have made many trips to multiple Chinese food eateries. While some have a few dishes better than others, they all end up being very similar in the end. One common flaw shared among them, is a lack of consistency in the menu. As a result of this, I have never found myself able to share that love of the cuisine. However, since shopping at Winco Foods, we have become aware of a small, neon-adorned Chinese restaurant tucked discreetly into the side of a mostly bare shopping center. We recently decided to venture into this restaurant for a try. Despite my low expectations, the experience we had was pleasantly surprising.

There was an immediate charm to this little establishment that drew me in. Calling Harvest Chinese Restaurant small would be an understatement. The cozy restaurant would be pushing it to accommodate more than 20 grown adults. Adorning the top of the walls is a traditional Chinese takeout menu complete with pictures and backlights. While not uncommon, the backlit menus clash with the off-white painted walls, pearl-white table cloths, red napkins, and crystal glasses that sit upon the table of every booth. They clearly want those who are dining in to have a more upscale experience.

Once seated, a very soft spoken elderly woman greeted us and poured water into the crystal glasses on our table. After a quick survey of the menu, we made our dinner choices: wonton soup, sliced pork with vegetables, and shrimp chop suey. Quickly, our gentle host brought two bowls of soup, and from the first taste of broth, I knew we had made a good decision to try Harvest Chinese Restaurant. The soup had a perfect balance of saltiness and hearty flavors. The size of the wontons was impressive and the ground chicken inside had perfect consistency and retained much of the natural flavor. The scallions cut through the oil and salt to make hands down one of best wonton soups I have enjoyed.
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Before we were finished with our soups, the rest of our meal was presented, family-style. The entrees were put on large serving platters in the center of the table, the rice on metal serving platforms complete with lids, and we were given small plates for our portions. Without hesitation, we served ourselves from each of the dishes. The sliced pork tasted like pork loin and the brown sauce had sweet and savory notes. The accompanied vegetables were all steamed to perfection, retaining a good bite. The shrimp chop suey was a bit bland on its own, but once a little soy sauce was added, the flavor really opened up and the slight char of the roux became apparent. This was my personal favorite dish. Both of the rices were fairly typical, but the fried rice had a bit less upfront oil taste than most places do. The lack of the frozen peas and carrots found in nearly every other fried rice in the area was a welcome change. Overall, the quality of each dish was consistent despite having a large and varied order.
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Harvest Chinese Restaurant was a true gem of a discovery. The family-style presentation, the personal service, and the elegant atmosphere made for one of the best dining experiences I have had in a very long time. While the food itself is not going to wow anyone expecting a P.F. Chang's type bistro; for the price, you are not going to find another Chinese food restaurant anywhere in town that hits all the right notes quite like this establishment. I can not recommend this place enough. The next time you find yourself hungry for Chinese cuisine and in the area, you owe yourself and your wallet to stop in to have one of the best dining experiences in town.


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