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FM 407 interchange tests patience

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/1/23 20:40:00 (2483 reads)

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I-35E northbound service road approaching FM 407 narrows to a single lane for drivers headed north, turning left and turning right. Compounding the problem, the Garden ridge exit is closed, forcing more traffic to have to go through this intersection. - LTJ photo

By Steve Southwell

Lewisville residents were happy to finally get some connectivity beneath I-35E on FM 407 when lanes opened Dec. 31.

But, the northbound service road there is a mess. It has more traffic because the next northbound exit for Garden Ridge is closed until later this summer. Drivers needing to access that road must also traverse the this intersection.

The two lanes on the service road merge to a single lane prior to the driveway for the Valero gas station on the southeast corner. Traffic needing to turn right can’t scoot past the line waiting at the signal. So, it backs up for a long way down the service road.

AGL Constructors is aware of the backup, and has tried to speed up the work. They say they’ve tweaked traffic cameras to make the intersection more efficient.

Don't get caught driving through the Valero parking lot to cut the intersection either. Lewisville police have been at the location, and we're told that they have stopped plenty of people.

You probably will want to take Valley Ridge instead of FM 407 if you can get there that way.

The full intersection is expected to be complete this summer, but they say they hope to have turn lanes by early spring. It won’t be soon enough.

Here is a YouTube video from AGL showing the construction stages:

(2:20 in the video is about where we are now.)

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