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October sets records

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/11/3 2:58:25 (1660 reads)

This will be of little interest except to other bloggers, and perhaps regular victims.. er, readers of WhosPlayin.

October site statistics for showed that by ALL metrics, October's web traffic surpassed all records:
- Unique Visitors: 5,999 (previous record of 5,926 in June)
- Number of Visits: 13,922 (previous record of 11,065 in Sept.)
- Page Views: 85,143 (previous record 47,094 in Sept.)
- Hits: 295,377 (previous record of 190,167 in June)
- Bandwidth: 2.99 GB (previous record of 2.5 GB in June)

The factors I attribute this to are a small rise in regular readership that seems to grow month over month, as well as a lot of search engine traffic. It's really interesting to see the things that people search for.

One problem we've been having is an increase in comment spam. At its peak, I was getting upwards of 1000 comment spams per day. It's let up a bit lately since I banned a lot of IPs and have been pretty vigilant about not allowing it. I worry sometimes that I might have deleted a substantive comment or two. Further, the spam skews the traffic numbers a bit - mostly in total hits, pages, and bandwidth, not so much in number of visitors.

One thing that I find both amusing and frustrating is that my non-political posts get a lot more traffic than my political ramblings, which although not as fun to write, I've sort of considered more important.

For instance, we recently picked up a #1 Google ranking on a particular search term. I'm sure that the folks who make their livings selling the quackery that I attacked in my post are quite frustrated that this blog calls it a waste of money.

So, as I've mentioned before, this blog is something I do just for fun. You might even call it therapy, I suppose. I must have a creative outlet. I'd love to be able to make writing a job, but knowing myself as I do, I can't help but think that I'd get easily bored with it, and it would become a chore.

One thing I've noticed is that the more I write about the political crap that pisses me off, the more anger I carry around. I've been told that my best writing is on subjects where I can speak with some positivity. I'm going to work on that. I want to write more about science too. Specifically, I want to write more about how the lack of good science education in this country is putting us all in a tight spot and causing too many consumers to fall for junk science and scams.

Stay tuned, and thanks for making it a record-setting month for us. Don't be a stranger now, okay? I want to see some comments now and then. If you've registered and not received a login, please shoot me an email.

Take care,

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