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Letters: North Texans should Feel the Bern

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/2/24 1:00:00 (2248 reads)

To the editor:

I support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president because of his positions and character. Sanders would do the best job at improving our country because of his approach to our nation’s challenges.

Bernie will fight to get big money out of politics. Congress is overly influenced by corporations and wealthy special interests.

Sanders’ positions would help restructure the economy to represent the working class and the wealthy. Bernie has specific plans to ensure that: large corporations pay appropriate taxes and don’t move jobs overseas, we improve education and employment opportunities, no one that works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, and that we fully support our veterans and elderly.

If you listen to Bernie Sanders, you will hear someone who is fair, honest, confident, thoughtful, humble, enthusiastic and consistent.

Enough is enough! Do you want a president that will unite us to invest in people, or one who will divide us and continue to fuel greed?

Christine Smiley,

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