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Guess it Just Comes Natural

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/11/10 0:46:52 (2318 reads)

My kids continually amaze me with the things they'll say sometimes. You wonder where they get some of it.

Anyhow, we were watching the evening news one night this week, and a report came on about Duane Chapman ("Dog", the Bounty Hunter) who recently lost his TV show after a recording of some racist remarks was published by the tabloids.

If you've ever watched the show and seen Dog's wife, she is - shall we say - rather LARGE CHESTED. I mean if there's such a thing as a triple-G bra, she'd probably bust it.

So when they showed her briefly on TV, my wife muttered something like "Daaaamn!" My oldest son, who is 9 years old saw it and said "Alriiiiight!" My wife turned to glare at him, and with the biggest grin on his face he said "I just want to suck 'em". I think both of our jaws dropped as he scampered out of the room but it was really hard for me not to laugh.

I told him he's not supposed to say that out loud, if that's what he's thinking.

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