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Rotary recognizes vocational heroes

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Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/4/13 4:40:00 (2808 reads)

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At its meeting on March 31, the Lewisville Morning Rotary club recognized five “vocational heroes” for their service to the Lewisville Community.

“As Rotarians, members are called to offer our vocational talents to provide opportunities and to work for the relief of the special needs and to improve the quality of life within the community [in which] they live,” read a press release issued by Rotary. “Also as Rotarians, we wish to raise up as a standard those members of our community who have demonstrated outstanding service to the community in their own chosen vocation.”

Open in new windowAt the 7 a.m. meeting, held at the Christian Community Action Community Room, and packed with local elected officials firefighters, police officers, and members of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary honored the following individuals for dedicated service above self:

Open in new window - Melisa Nardozza, a teacher at Central Elementary
- Captain Jeremy Jones of the Lewisville Fire Department
- Assistant Chief Terry McGrath of the Lewisville Fire Department for Administration/Staff of the Year.
- Detective Brad Kenney of the Lewisville Police Department
- Brian Barto of the Lewisville Fire Department for Paramedic of the Year

Rotary's 1.2 million members worldwide remain dedicated to volunteer community service, promoting high ethical standards in all vocations and furthering international peace. In addition to thousands of volunteer hours, each year Rotary contributes millions of dollars in humanitarian aid and relief around the globe, funds 1,000 scholars to study abroad and provides cross-cultural exchange for 7,000 young leaders.

Open in new windowToday Rotary members incorporate technology, progressive membership strategies and “hands-on" projects to make their volunteer efforts more effective, while maintaining nearly a century-long commitment to excellence in community service.

Lewisville has two Rotary Club chapters. Lewisville Morning Rotary meets each Thursday morning, and Lewisville Noon Rotary meets each Wednesday at noon.

Photos, top to bottom: John Pokorny (Morning Rotary President) with Paramedic Brian Barto (LFD) and Assistant Police Chief Todd Taylor
Detective Brad Kenney
Asst. Chief Terry McGrath
Melisa Nardozza

(Photos by Steve Southwell)

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