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Senior Health Fair loaded with fun, prizes and information

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Posted by AdamSchrader on 2016/4/15 16:30:00 (1191 reads)

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Rose-Mary Rumbley, noted Dallas speaker, historian and humorist, provides a crowd of more than 100 senior citizens with laughter and lessons on the history of food in Texas at the close of the Senior Health Fair Friday. (Photo by Dan Eakin)
By Dan Eakin

The annual Senior Health Fair, held Friday at the Lewisville Senior Activity Center and the Memorial Park Recreation Center, was a fun-filled success.

The event began with a Fun Walk around the park, and ended at noon with more than 100 senior citizens packing into the senior center cafeteria to hear Rose-Mary Rumbley, a well-known public speaker, historian and humorist.

Bob Monaghan, Lewisville Parks and Leisure Services director, introduced Rumbley. He said lake levels are continuing to stay above normal, and that Lake Park has been closed since June because of flooding and high lake levels.

“The lakes are continuing to do what they are supposed to do, preventing downstream flooding,” he said.

Rumbley, a lifelong Dallas resident who attended what is now The University of North Texas said she could remember when Lake Dallas, which is what Lewisville Lake was originally named, dried up in the 1940s and 1950s.

Rumbley then turned her as-always humorous speech into a discussion about the history of foods in Texas, and about the numerous food festivals that are held in cities and counties all over the state.

Some of the highlights from Rumbley's speech include:

• She held up a copy of her book “What! No Chili!” and told how there were no horses or cows in Texas until they were brought here from Europe.

• When the Spanish arrived in the early 1500s they found the Indians were strong and healthy and that they were eating corn, tomatoes and potatoes which were not grown in Europe.

• The early settlers learned that the breeding of an English cow with a Spanish bull, or a Spanish cow with an English bull would produce a longhorn calf.

• When the Spanish were arriving in Texas near Port Arthur, that their ships had holes in them. They found oil floating on the water and used the oil to patch the holes in the ships, she said.

• She said they learned that lesson from the Bible, where Moses' mother had used “pitch and tar” to keep the basket that baby Moses was in afloat.

• She also told how the hamburger was invented by Fletcher Davis of Athens and introduced at the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904. She named and discussed a large number of food festivals that are held annually throughout Texas, including the Tomato Festival in Jacksonville, Peach and Watermelon Festival in Weatherford, Hushpuppy Festival in Lufkin, Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches, Peach Festival in Fairfield, Hot Pepper Festival in Palestine and many more.

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