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Early voting ends Tuesday in LISD, city elections

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Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/5/3 2:40:00 (4238 reads)

Open in new windowBy DAN EAKIN

Early voting in the May 7 Lewisville school board and Lewisville city special districts elections begins Monday and continues through May 3.

Voters in the Lewisville Independent School District will be choosing between two candidates for Place 4 and three candidates for Place 5.

Voters in the city of Lewisville will be deciding whether to continue for the next 20 years the City of Lewisville Fire Control, Prevention and Emergency Medical District and/or the City of Lewisville Crime Control and Prevention District.

Most voters who live in Lewisville will likely want to cast their ballots for both the school board candidates and the city propositions at the Lewisville Municipal Annex at 1197 W. Main Street, although they may vote early at any voting location in Denton County.

There are more than 30 different locations where LISD voters may vote, including at the Flower Mound Municipal Complex, Flower Mound Public Library and Highland Village Municipal Complex. For a complete list of voting locations, go to the LISD website.

Early voting will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, April 25-30, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, May 2-3.

On Election Day, May 7, voters must vote in the precinct in which they are registered to vote.

LISD Place 4 candidates are Fairooz Adams and Katherine Sells and Place 5 candidates are Will Ferson, Allison Lassahn and Jenny Proznik. Angie Cox, in Place 3, is running unopposed.

Lewisville school board members are elected to serve for overlapping terms of three years each.

There is no Lewisville City Council election this year because there are no contested races. Brandon Jones of Place 4 and Brent Daniels of Place 5 will be sworn in at a council meeting on May 16.

However, Lewisville registered voters are being encouraged to go to the polls, either during early voting, or on May 7, to decide issues important to the Lewisville Police Department and the Lewisville Fire Department.

Lewisville voters, in voting on the propositions, will decide whether to continue the present sales tax rate at 8.25 cents on the dollar by continuing to support both control districts, whether to have the sales tax rate reduced to 8 cents on the dollar by voting to discontinue both control districts, or have the present sales tax reduced to 8.125 cents on the dollar by voting to keep one and not keep the other.

Open in new windowBoth special districts first were approved by voters and established in 2011. The May 7 ballot asks voters to extend both districts for another 20 years. During the past five years, the Fire Prevention District has funded purchase of a sixth ambulance, adding nine firefighters to staff the ambulance, remodeling Fire House #6 and making improvements to three other stations, technology upgrades, and increasing professional staff dedicated to emergency management operations.

Potential future uses of the Fire Prevention District revenue include design and construction of the new Fire House #8 in east Lewisville, purchase of a second ladder truck, and the hiring 18 additional firefighters to staff the new station and vehicle.

During the past five years, the Crime Control District has funded 31 new positions including patrol officers, dispatchers, jailers, evidence technicians and support specialists. Vehicles also were purchased for some of the new positions.

Potential future uses of the Crime Control District include maintaining the 31 new positions previously added, along with other technology and equipment purchases.

Both special districts are funded through a dedicated sales tax used only for that purpose. There is no direct impact on property tax rates.

- LISD Place 4 candidate questionnaires
- LISD Place 5 candidate questionnaires
- LISD Candidate Forum video
- Lewisville ISD election page
- City of Lewisville election page
- Denton County Elections (check your registration and polling place)

Originally posted 4/22 - retopped on 5/3.

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