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Rough week for Farmer softball and baseball

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/4/23 13:50:00 (1180 reads)

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Lewisville softball team stands together before the game against McKinney Boyd. (Photo by Anthony Mazur)


Lewisville’s softball and baseball teams have not had the best of luck this week; The Farmer softball team has dropped in district standings and the baseball team has been unable to catch up, stuck behind in a loss to Plano.

The Farmer softball team (15-12) sunk to seventh place in district after losing 14-13 to McKinney Boyd (4-15, 9th in district). Last week, Lewisville was in sixth place.

Lewisville softball has lost their past six games, four of which only by one run. The other two, versus Hebron and Plano West, the Farmers ended down by five runs.

Lewisville softball’s offense seems to be good: the Farmers have three of their girls, Makayla Corbin, Kaylee Rodriquez, and Maribeth Gorsuch, in the top 25 batters according to the Dallas Morning News.

However, star senior pitcher Maribeth Gorsuch has still been out for a month now due to a serious injury sustained in a game against Plano.

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Lewisville junior C.J. Flores walks out of the dugout at the end of the game against Flower Mound. (Photo by Anthony Mazur)

The baseball team, while not falling in standings, have remained stuck in eighth after a 10-0 loss to Plano. The Farmers have been unable to earn a single run in the past two games, and still have another game to play against Plano.

The softball team closed their season with a 4-1 loss against Plano Friday night.

The baseball team’s final game is away next week against McKinney Boyd.
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