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Briefs for 4/24/2016

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/4/24 17:16:15 (3050 reads)

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Lewisville joins North Central Texas PWERT to help during disasters
The City of Lewisville is joining the North Central Texas Public Works Emergency Response Team (PWERT) in an effort to help neighboring municipalities during disasters and receive help in return if ever needed. Lewisville joins 40 other member cities in providing access to its public works manpower and equipment during an emergency.

“We are excited to welcome the City of Lewisville as the newest member city to help this region continue to improve its effectiveness in providing service to the citizens who live in this great region,” said Mistie Gardner, North Central Texas PWERT co-chair.

North Central Texas PWERT first deployed following the April 2012 tornado outbreak in Lancaster and has since grown to a more robust capacity better able to meet regional needs. Following last December’s tornado outbreak, the North Central Texas PWERT mutual aid mechanism provided more than 500 personnel shifts and more than 800 equipment shifts in support of impacted cities.

“Disasters, by definition, overwhelm local resources,” said Lewisville Emergency Management Coordinator Joshua Roberts. “Signing this mutual aid agreement helps us to leverage the good will and resources of our neighboring jurisdictions, and it also streamlines our help to them in their time of need.”

This mutual public service aid agreement is comparable to traditional mutual aid agreements used by fire departments. Once a city joins, when public works resources are requested by a participating city, it will only take one call to get those needed resources identified, located and sent to a site. Those resources can include barricades, heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, generators, pumps, light stands, and personnel.

“During disaster response it's all about teamwork,” said Roberts. “Together we are stronger than any one of us alone."

Tax-free weekend for emergency supplies
Texans can purchase certain supplies tax-free during the Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday, April 23-25.

There’s no limit on the number of qualifying items you can purchase, including batteries, fuel containers, and flashlights priced at less than $75;

Also included are hurricane shutters and emergency ladders priced at less than $300, andportable generators priced less than $3,000.
Non-qualifying purchases include batteries for automobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles; camping stoves and camping supplies; and chainsaws.

A list of emergency preparation supplies that may be purchased tax-free can be found on the Texas Comptroller’s website:

Speed limit and parking changes coming to some Lewisville streets
Lewisville City Council has approved a plan to lower the speed limit on certain sections of north Mill Street, Church Street and Charles Street. The Council also approved a plan to prohibit parking on a section of east Purnell Street. These changes are being made to improve safety in the affected areas, and will go into effect on May 2.

Approved changes:
The section of Mill Street from Tennie Drive to Oakridge Boulevard is in a residential area in the northern portion of the city by Lewisville Lake. The speed limit on this two-lane roadway is currently 40 miles per hour. It will be reduced to 25 miles per hour.

Church Street is a two-lane, one-way street that passes in front of City Hall. The current speed limit of 30 miles per hour was set when the roadway was reconstructed in 1999-2000. The new speed limit will be 25 miles per hour.

All of Charles Street currently is posted at 35 miles per hour with the exception of one section in a residential neighborhood. The speed limit on this two-way street will change to 25 miles per hour for the entire length north of Main Street. That is the portion of road in front of the MCL Grand Theater and adjacent to City Hall. The section of Charles Street south of Main Street to I-35E will remain 35 miles per hour.

Parking on Purnell Street is already prohibited in three sections. Based on resident and business concerns and a City survey, parking will be prohibited on Purnell Street from Kealy Avenue to 230 feet east of Kealy on the north side of Purnell; and from Kealy Avenue to 220 feet east of Hembry Street on the south side of Purnell.

City accepting applications for next Poet Laureate
The City of Lewisville is accepting applications for its next Poet Laureate. The two-year term of the current Poet Laureate, J. Paul Holcomb, ends Sept. 1. The person selected for this position will serve as the City’s literary ambassador for a two-year term commencing in September. Selectee will receive a $500 annual stipend. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25.

Duties of the Lewisville Poet Laureate include representing the City of Lewisville and the poetic arts through participation in poetry events such as readings, seminars and interviews.

The Poet Laureate will create and present original poetry at as many as four public events per year. These events may vary from year-to-year, but could include readings at scheduled City events and in local schools. Duties also include accepting invitations to present his/her poetry at community events or with community groups, conducting interviews with the media, and submitting works for publication on the City website and other outlets.

The Poet Laureate will act as an advocate and resource for poetry and literary events in Lewisville.

To qualify, the selected poet must live or work in Lewisville and be at least 18 years of age. They must demonstrate a commitment to poetry through prior publication and submission of a body of work of no less than 20 poems, and/or a performance record such as spoken word, poetry slams, film, video, new media or other performance-related venues.

The poet must embrace a willingness to engage the community in a discourse about poetry, to present his or her work to the public and Lewisville K-12 students, and allow selected poems to be published on the City website, to be duplicated as posters for distribution at events or in the schools, to be framed for installation in City Hall, and for use in visual art installations.

Applications can be mailed or delivered to Jim Wear at the MCL Grand, 100 N. Charles Street, Lewisville, TX 75057, by 5 p.m., Wednesday, May 25.

For application info, contact Jim Wear: 972-219-8444

DCTA to hold public meeting in Lewisville on April 23
The Denton County Transportation Authority will hold a public meeting on Saturday, April 23, at 1 p.m. at Lewisville Public Library, 1197 W. Main Street.

The agency will share its annual program of projects, provide updates on the Highland Village bus service, and get resident feedback on the Denton and Lewisville Comprehensive Operational Analysis. That COA identifies changes to existing bus services intended to maintain the strongest areas of existing service, strengthen the weaker areas, fill existing service gaps, and ensure all significant transit markets are well served.

The public is encouraged to comment on the proposed transit projects funded by the Federal Transit Administration through the Urbanized Area Formula Program. This opportunity for comment meets the federal requirement for public participation.

Everyone is welcome to attend the open house meetings. Persons with hearing or sight interpretive service needs are asked to contact DCTA at least two business days in advance of the meeting at 972-221-4600 or

Community Meeting for 35Express Project set for April 28
AGL Constructors will hold a community meeting on Thursday, April 28, starting at 6:30 p.m., in the Lecture Hall of Lewisville High School, 1098 W. Main Street.

The 35Express project hosts a series of community meetings to provide an update on the $1.4 billion expansion of I-35E. The meetings, held twice a year, are an opportunity for the public to get up-to-speed on the work that has been completed on the project and learn about upcoming construction. This meeting will focus on the middle segment of the 30-mile construction corridor, which covers Lewisville, Highland Village, Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek.

Interested persons who cannot make the meeting in person, can do so virtually by visiting

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