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DCTA to conduct mock disaster drill with Lewisville

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/4/28 20:40:00 (3206 reads)

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The Denton County Transportation Authority is collaborating with city partners to conduct a full-scale, mock disaster drill on Sunday, May 1 at 9 a.m. at Railroad Street and Bennett Lane. The exercise will simulate a DCTA A-train incident occurring in Lewisville with corresponding responses by city, medical, police, fire and DCTA contractors, resources and personnel. All organizations participating in the mock disaster drill include: DCTA, City of Lewisville, Medical Center of Lewisville, Lewisville Fire and Police departments, and the Flower Mound Fire department.

DCTA is required to conduct a full-scale mock disaster drill once every two years to meet Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations since the agency operates a commuter rail line. This exercise is designed to establish a learning environment for all participating organizations to practice emergency response plans, policies and procedures. Key objectives that will be evaluated during the mock disaster drill include:

· Operational Communications
· Operational Coordination
· Environmental Control
· Public Health and Medical Services
· On-scene Security and Protection

“This exercise provides a great opportunity for us to review and evaluate our emergency response and communications strategy during a crisis,” said Nicole Recker, DCTA Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “In addition, conducting this simulation will enable DCTA and all participating organizations to demonstrate that we are prepared to respond accordingly to emergencies and ensure public safety.”

To ensure the mock disaster drill is effective, subject matter experts and representatives from all participating organizations worked together to plan the full-scale exercise. The A-train incident simulation will be realistic and contain sufficient details for each organization to respond accordingly. More than 25 volunteers are scheduled to participate in the mock disaster drill.

"This exercise is a valuable, hands-on training tool for Lewisville’s first responders. It helps these brave men and woman build confidence in their abilities and their critical thinking skills during times of catastrophe," said Matt Martucci, Lewisville Public Information Coordinator.

Street closures:
Bennett Lane will be closed between Waters Ridge and S. Railroad.
All of S. Railroad will remain open as will the entrance to Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park.
Anyone traveling up S. Railroad from Hebron Pkwy or the Waste Management plant that needs to get to Bennett Lane will be diverted down E. Corporate Drive, then north on Waters Ridge until it hits Bennett Lane.

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