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TEA Responds to Lewisville ISD on STAAR test issue

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/4/29 23:10:00 (6682 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell

As reported in The Lewisville Texan Journal last week
, Lewisville ISD's board of trustees recently approved an expense of up to $48,250 to re-score STAAR exam short-answers. The district had discovered a disproportionate number of student STAAR EOC results came back with zero scores even though the same students had scored well on other written portions of the test.

When the district sent a sample of 162 student exams back for rescoring, 13 percent of them came back with improved scores.

Lewisville ISD Superintendent Dr. Kevin Rogers sent a strongly-worded letter to the Texas Education Agency requesting that TEA allow districts to view student answers and the questions they were given. The district also requested that TEA pay for the rescoring.

Late Friday afternoon, Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath responded to Lewisville ISD and other concerned districts with the following letter, which does not address TEA paying for any rescoring, and denies the district's request to be provided with the student answers and questions:

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SUBJECT: Response to District Inquiries Regarding the 2015 STAAR EOC English I and English II Tests

The purpose of this email is to provide districts with a response to inquiries regarding the scoring of students’ short-answer written responses on the December 2015 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) end-of-course (EOC) English I and English II tests.

The December 2015 STAAR Constructed Response Scoring document at this link, provides districts with answers to some recently asked questions including information on the rescoring process and the training of constructed response scorers.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) will not be able to provide districts with electronic images of students’ short-answer written responses. A contractual agreement with an author for one of the passages and plans to reuse at least one of the passages on a future test form will not permit a statewide release. However, TEA is providing an opportunity for the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee(s) to view students’ English I and/or English II short-answer written responses. Images of students’ short-answer responses, associated scoring guides, and rubrics, along with copies of the passages used by students when completing the test(s), will be made available for viewing, per the procedures below.

District personnel who wish to view students’ responses should call TEA’s Student Assessment Division to schedule an appointment in Austin. Appointments may be scheduled between Monday, May 2, 2016, and Thursday, May 26, 2016. For information about appointments, as well as security protocols, contact the Student Assessment Division at 512-463-9536.

Rescore requests that are received by May 10, 2016, for students who are planning to graduate in spring 2016, and who did not pass the December 2015 English I or English II assessments, will be prioritized. ETS will report the results of December 2015 rescore requests for these students by May 20, 2016. All other rescore requests will be reported in July.

Contact Information

For questions concerning information in this email, please contact the Student Assessment Division at 512-463-9536 or by email at


Mike Morath
Commissioner of Education

The letter does give LISD and other districts some small hope, in that they can send a person to Austin to view student answers and the reading passage in question, which could allow some reduction in expense by helping the district more accurately choose which students' answers to rescore.

We have reached out to Lewisville ISD for comment, but were unable to reach them prior to press time.

We will update this post as we learn more about what this response means for the district.

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