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May 7 Lewisville and LISD Election Results.

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/5/7 23:40:00 (7651 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell
9:25 p.m.:
All results are in now for Lewisville ISD. Jenny Proznik and Katherine Sells are our new trustees elect.

All 20 of the Denton County Lewisville precincts are reporting. Dallas County is still not showing anything for today. It's quite possible with the low early voting turnout in these precincts that there was no actual election day voting. We're going to call it a night.

Be sure to scroll down below through the results of each race to see the totals and percentages.

9:10 p.m.:
Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #1B (Castle Hills) is final. Patrick Kelly had the most votes with 131, followed by Guy Harris with 98, and Doug Walker with 53. Incumbent Noel May has lost his seat by only 5 votes.

9:01 p.m.:
More results just came in. Flower Mound is all counted, and the results did not change. Hayden, Webb, McDaniel, and Webb.

Lewisville has 18 of 20 Denton County precincts totaled, and 0 of 2 Dallas County precincts. Those precincts yet to be counted will not move the needle at this point.

Lewisville ISD's Place 5 race still has Proznik in the lead with 43.71% of the vote compared to Lassahn's 41.36%. This is a plurality election, so the candidate with the most votes wins it outright with no runoff.

8:41 p.m.:
Some precincts are now reporting.
In LISD's place 4 race, with about half the precincts reporting, Sells maintains 80% of the vote.

In LISD's place 5 race, Proznik extended her lead by a bit, and now has almost 3 points over Lassahn.

With 17 of 20 Denton County precincts reporting, Lewisville propositions are still close to 90% in favor.

8:23 p.m.:
No precincts reporting election night totals yet.

From social media:
Fairooz Adams: To the voters, volunteers, donors, and all supporters, I owe you a sincere and heartfelt thank you. We ran a campaign to be proud of."

7:51 p.m.:
Denton County Fresh Water Supply district 1B is a race where voters choose three out of four candidates on the ballot. The current leaders right now are Patrick Kelly (87), Guy Harris (60), and Noel May (32). Doug Walker trails with 24 votes.

7:05 p.m.:
Early voting results are in: Both Lewisville propositions pass by better than 80 point margins. In LISD Place 4, Katherine Sells leads with a basically insurmountable 81.24% of the vote. In Place 5, it's a tie right now between Proznik with 43.35% and Lassahn with 41.63% - way too close to call.

In Flower Mound, it looks like Mayor Hayden will keep his seat; he's got 66% of the early vote. Bryan Webb has 66% of the early vote, Don McDaniel has 62% in place 4, and Jason Webb has 61% in place 1.

Original Post:
We will begin to post results here in the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees election and the City of Lewisville Crime Control and Fire Prevention Districts shortly after the polls close at 7 p.m.

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2016/5/7 23:40:00 - May 7 Lewisville and LISD Election Results.

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