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Various events and happenings in the Lewisville, Texas and Southern Denton County areas.
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DCTA to conduct mock disaster drill with Lewisville

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/4/28 20:40:00 (3552 reads)

Open in new windowSubmitted Report

The Denton County Transportation Authority is collaborating with city partners to conduct a full-scale, mock disaster drill on Sunday, May 1 at 9 a.m. at Railroad Street and Bennett Lane. The exercise will simulate a DCTA A-train incident occurring in Lewisville with corresponding responses by city, medical, police, fire and DCTA contractors, resources and personnel. All organizations participating in the mock disaster drill include: DCTA, City of Lewisville, Medical Center of Lewisville, Lewisville Fire and Police departments, and the Flower Mound Fire department.

DCTA is required to conduct a full-scale mock disaster drill once every two years to meet Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations since the agency operates a commuter rail line. This exercise is designed to establish a learning environment for all participating organizations to practice emergency response plans, policies and procedures. Key objectives that will be evaluated during the mock disaster drill include:

· Operational Communications
· Operational Coordination
· Environmental Control
· Public Health and Medical Services
· On-scene Security and Protection

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Updated: Police investigate McGoys Marine for theft, announce town hall meeting for victims

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by AdamSchrader on 2016/4/28 11:00:00 (14353 reads)

Open in new windowBy ADAM SCHRADER
Interim Editor

The Lewisville Police Department is currently conducting an investigation with other law enforcement agencies involving McGoys Marine, 1696 Business 121 in Lewisville, regarding theft.

Because of the high number of victims or potential victims, LPD has announced that it will hold a town hall meeting Saturday, May 14 to better communicate with and assist victims. The meeting is at City Hall, 151 W. Church St., at 10 a.m.

LPD's property crimes team is working with officials from Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the District Attorney's office to conduct a question and answer session with all parties involved in any transactions at McGoy's - whether the person is a buyer or a seller.

Open in new windowThe owner of McGoy's, Jesse Ray Keene, has been booked into Denton County Jail nine times on unrelated charges. He was last booked in the Denton County Jail on drunk driving charges on March 24. He remains in jail without bond.

Police said Keene was legally selling boats consigned to him but not compensating the sellers.

“Let’s say I went up there to consign the boat to Jesse. The boat for sale catches your eye and you go in. Jesse says, ‘Fantastic, Adam. Hey, I’m glad you’re here. Let me sell you the boat.’ You pay him $5,000 and Jesse gives you the proper documentation and the boat and the bill of sale. You’re off and running thinking you did everything by the book,” LPD Captain Michael Moore said. “By law, you’ve not done anything illegal. We’re not looking to press charges against you because you acted in good faith.”

Police don’t think anyone who consigned or bought a boat didn’t do so in good faith, Moore said. But, consigners were not told what happened to their boats, or if they had been sold or stolen.

“Jesse hasn’t been taking that $5,000 to the consigner and saying ‘Congratulations, we’ve sold the boat and here’s your money and I’ll take my consignment fee.’” Moore said. “One day, several months later, I decide to go check on my boat and it’s gone.”

There are other players than just the consignor, the buyer and Keene, Moore said.

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Lewisville's emergency management team watches storms

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by AdamSchrader on 2016/4/26 21:00:00 (3656 reads)


NOTE: This post will continue to be updated throughout the night as more information is received.

At the invitation of Lewisville Emergency Manager Josh Roberts, Steve Southwell has joined the city’s emergency management team, to report tonight's storms.

Prit Patel, Economic Development Coordinator, normally works in the city’s economic development department, but tonight, she’s augmenting the EMC team. She has a background in emergency management, and sometimes gets called on to help out.

Open in new window
Right to left: Josh Roberts, Prit Patel, Eric Hutmacher (Photo by Steve Southwell)

Patel is concerned that latest reports put the storm hitting North Texas around 10:30 p.m. This slow progression of the storm worries her, because the longer it takes to pass over an area, the more it could dump.

Roberts has Tweetdeck up, and is watching weather-related tweets. He and Patel are working on tonight's social media strategy. Patel will watch for significant reports and log them.

"A lot of times NWS info is generalized. We try to keep our stuff really specific to Lewisville," Roberts said. "We can sound the sirens from the encoder here. Dispatch can do it from there as well."

Roberts explains siren criteria. Lewisville will raise the alarms at hail of 1.25” or greater, for tornado warnings, or for wind of 70 mph or greater as a "tool to warn people outdoors to go indoors and find out why." But, the gGuidelines are not hard and fast trigger points, he said, "it will always be and should always be a human decision."

There are multiple ways to receive warning, including: NOAA radio, social media and Everbridge sign-up.

The Lewisville team is also using a new tool in beta testing, the CASA Radar, which stands for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere. CASA, a federal pilot, provides radar returns on information closer to the ground. Right now. D/FW area is only location in the U.S. using it.

Open in new window
(Screenshot of NWS radar)


8:08 p.m. The gang gets a call. It’s sprinkling outside and they need to move their cars out from under the covered area so city vehicles can get under it.

8:35 p.m. NOAA's Storm Prediction Center reduced our outlook from moderate to enhanced within the past hour or so. Now it’s just 50 mph gusts.

8:40 p.m. Hutmacher was watching Pete Delkus on Facebook Live, and brought it to Roberts. Delkus says he “guarantees the storm sirens in your community will go off tonight.” Roberts thinks that’s irresponsible.

8:51 - Denton County Skywarn just activated. These are volunteer Ham radio operators trained to spot severe weather. They will soon receive reporting criteria and proceed to the western parts of the county to stand as lookouts, spotting weather situations and reporting back over the radio. The National Weather Service monitors the channel, as well as various EOCs here in Denton County.

9:19 - A severe thunderstorm warning was just issued for Denton County until 10:15 p.m.

9:28 - The gust front ahead of the storm has 45 mph winds.

9:34 - Storm is just getting into Denton County now. Gust front just crossed the county line on the west side. A spotter is reporting a possible lowering near Coral City, north of Texas Motor Speedway. Big thunder can be heard now in the EOC. Roberts explains the well-defined gust front in front of the storm (which can be seen on radar) means it’s less likely to have circulation in the main storm. Also, there’s not a discrete cell out in front of it, he said.

9:36 - 54 mph wind reported at Denton Airport, according to an NWS employee on NWS chat. Spotters reporting winds in excess of 50 mph in Krum.

9:38 p.m.- The line of storms is approximately along I-35W right now.

9:47 p.m. - Gust greater than 30 mph logged at Central Fire Station. The wind is howling and the sky looks mean.

9:57 p.m. - Pea- to dime-size hail has been spotted at the intersection of U.S. 377 and 380. Power outage has also been reported near Texas Motor Speedway. To see power outages near you, visit The team is now scanning Twitter for reports of flooding in Lewisville.

10:04 p.m. - Fox 4 reports of roof and wind damage in the town of Whitesboro in far western Grayson County. This would have been part of the Cooke County storm rotation as it crossed over county lines. Officials are still watching this rotation. Power flashes have been reported at Interstate 75 along Highway 82 in Sherman and south to Howe. The weather station says it appears to be rain-wrapped.

10:06 p.m. Spotters have reported pea-sized hail at FM 407 and FM 2499.

10:07 p.m. - Skywarn has reported pea-sized hail south of Lewisville. "It's a lot of nothing," Roberts said. “We’ll still get some rain, but honestly, I think that’s all it’s going to be. Thunder and lightning.”

10:12 p.m. - The hail at FM 2499 and FM 407 has stopped. When that report had come in, Roberts had looked at radar and NWS chat, and didn’t think much of it.

10:17 p.m. - Thunderstorm warning is expired for Denton County. Skywarn net control is talking about securing spotters for the night.

10:18 p.m. The net is secured. Officials believe the worst of the storm has passed.

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Students to compete in Rotary speech contest

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/4/26 4:54:25 (2037 reads)

Open in new windowSubmitted Report

Students representing 12 local Rotary clubs will compete in the Rotary District 5790 annual speech contest. The contest will be held in the Annex of Christian Community Action, 200 South Mill St. in Lewisville. The contest will run from 9:30 am to noon on Saturday, April 28.

The subject of each speech is based on Rotary's code of ethics, "The Four Way Test".

Speeches will be limited to five minutes each. This week's speakers are students who have won their local club contest held earlier this year. The winner on Saturday will go on to compete in the district-wide competition and will compete for scholarship prizes.

Speakers this week represent Rotary clubs from Arlington, Breckenridge, Denton, Fort Worth East, Fort Worth South, Fort Worth Stockyards, Grapevine, Iowa Park, Lewisville Morning - The Colony, Lewisville Morning- Hebron, Lewisville Noon, and Metroport.

The Four Way Test is repeated at all 34,000 Rotary Club meetings worldwide.

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Journey to Dream to open shelter for homeless teens

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/4/26 3:30:00 (3715 reads)

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The former location of Special Abilities of North Texas, which has moved to a new location, will be the site for Kyle's Place, a shelter for homeless teenagers. The building will be totally restructured and remodeled to be suitable to provide the needed services. (Top photo by Dan Eakin, bottom rendering by Bates Martin Architects - as submitted to the Lewisville City Council)


Journey to Dream has been helping teenagers who are homeless and/or are struggling with destructive behavior since 2004.

This summer, the local non-profit will go a step further. Journey to Dream plans to open a shelter for homeless teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18.

The shelter, to be known as Kyle's Place, will be the only shelter in Denton County for unaccompanied homeless teenagers.

Kim Hinkle, Journey to Dream co-founder and executive director, said the shelter is being named for Kyle, “an inspiring student whom we tragically lost in 2012.”

Journey to Dream closed this week on the purchase of property at 1960 Archer Way in Northwest Lewisville.

Hinkle said the building, which formerly housed Special Abilities of North Texas, will be remodeled in order to provide services for many of the young people in the Lewisville area who have been designated as homeless at Lewisville middle schools and high schools.

The new facility, when opened, will have 16 beds, and will have a full staff on duty 24 hours a day to see that those who stay there have good food to eat, acceptable clothing and whatever counseling they may need. Tutoring and job training will also be offered.

Hinkle said between 400 and 500 teenagers in Denton County are classified as homeless every year.
“That doesn't mean that they are sleeping under bridges, at the bus station or behind a store, although some have,” she said. “Many of them, as many as 80 percent, are what we call 'sofa surfers,' which means they sleep on sofas in homes where an individual or a family has invited them to sleep.”

While Journey to Dream will not be able to provide shelter for all of the homeless teens in the county, the leaders of the organization are expecting more than 100 homeless teens to spend some time in the shelter over a year's time.

The Lewisville City Council put its stamp of approval on the teen shelter at a regular meeting last week. The council okayed a zoning change, a Special Use Permit and variances to allow Journey to Dream have the building and property restructured in a way which will be suitable for the services to be offered.

In 2004, Hinkle and her friend Kari Rusco started Journey to Dream. They both had husbands or ex-husbands who had problems with substance abuse, and daughters who were affected by destructive behavior.

Hinkle said there were other organizations in the area that work with younger children who were homeless or who were facing behavioral problems, but she said she had noticed “a void” in the need for providing the services to teenagers.

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