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Feds force Lewisville into nutrition labeling on southern water tower

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/4/1 7:00:00 (10800 reads)

Note: For the humor-challenged, this post is a piece of April Fools satire.

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A view of Lewisville's large elevated water storage tower, looking northeast across FM 3040 shows that it is being painted with generic-looking labeling and nutrition facts labels. The work is still in-process and is expected to be complete this month. (Photo by Ophelia Payne)
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A zoomed in shot reveals the nutrition facts label, showing the tower contains 39 million servings of water. (Photo by Ophelia Payne)
By Josh N. Yoo

When painting crews lowered the protective skirt Thursday after another day of painting the city’s 2.5 million gallon water storage tank, jaws dropped. Instead of the city logo and “Lewisville” that had been planned, workers revealed that the tank had been painted with generic “Water” and its Spanish translation “Agua.” Nutrition Facts labels were also present on the southern and western sides.

The elevated tank, located on Valley Parkway near FM 3040 is undergoing a $21 million refurbishment to clean and recoat the inside of the tank, paint the outside of the tank. They will also replace hinges and springs, install accessible restrooms for workers, upgrade the internet and re-spindle the oscillator for the unit’s freight elevator.

Lewisville spokesman James Kunke said that a federal regulation enacted since the painting had begun requires the labeling. “Newly-passed FDA regulations require that all vessels used to store potable water for sale to consumers must be labeled clearly in English and Spanish, and must have nutrition facts labeling,” he said.

“Staff tried to fight the issue with the FDA, but we have been told in no uncertain terms that we are required to label the tank in this way.”

The regulation, CFR 666 chapter H, paragraph 2, subsection O, was promulgated by the FDA earlier this year, becoming effective March 15. All vessels refurbished or painted after that date must carry the new labeling. The law requires that it be black sans-serif font on white background. There are specific rules for how much space the labeling must take up, and how many times it must be repeated.

FDA Region 42 director Joe Kinright confirmed that Lewisville is subject to the rule. “The regulation says all vessels storing water for sale,” Kinright said. “That includes storage tanks.”

“People need to know what’s in their water,” said Kinright, in response to a question about the purpose of the seemingly ludicrous regulation. “If it wasn’t labeled, how would you know that your city wasn’t adding calories or sodium to it? You wouldn’t!”

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Jimmie Dale Gilmore and son Colin performed at MCL Grand

Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2016/3/25 11:42:43 (1534 reads)

Open in new windowBy PHILIP MOULARD

Alternative Country legend Jimmie Dale Gilmore graced the stage of the Medical Center Lewisville Grand Theater on Saturday, March 12. Backing Gilmore was his son and returning Texas Tunes artist, Colin Gilmore.

Jimmie Dale, who hails from Lubbock, has been putting out award winning and genre defining Alternative-Country since the early ‘70s. As both frontman of the iconic Alt-Country trio the Flatlanders and and a solo artist, Gilmore has written and performed classic material. He even earned a Grammy nomination for his 2005 solo album and tribute to his father “Come On Back”.

Despite being such a praised musician, Gilmore may be best known for his small role as Smokey, the pacifistic bowler who unintentionally sets John Goodman’s Walter Sovchek into a violent frenzy in the 1998 Cohen Brothers cult classic "The Big Lebowski".

The evening kicked off with an energetic version of his 1990 classic “Ramblin’ Man”. With its uptempo Americana styling, the song set a perfect tone for the evening. One only needed to look to the ocean of bobbing heads to see the crowd was pleased.

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Philip finds Fred's Philly fair

Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2016/2/13 16:25:56 (2584 reads)

Open in new windowBy PHILIP MOULARD

Lewisville finally has an establishment for cheesesteak purists, offering authentic Phillys with a multitude of options.

Fred’s Downtown Philly has been serving sandwiches in North Texas since opening its doors in Plano more than 20 years ago.

The lauded local chain recreates Philadelphia's iconic steak sandwich with authentic spices and Amoroso rolls. The sandwich shop opened its ninth location at 724 W. Main St. in Lewisville on Feb. 8.

I made my visit Thursday afternoon, eager to find out if Fred’s buzz-generating sandwiches live up to the hype.

Fred’s Lewisville runs with an industrial look. Unfinished picnic tables and corrugated steel countertops adorn the casual dining restaurant.

I waited in line 23 minutes to place my order, though only three people stood before me. The lack of a debit card system required the cashier to run to the next-door Cicis and use their machine.

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Last beams being set on I-35E lake bridge

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/2/13 14:40:36 (2073 reads)

Last weekend, AGL crews set the last land-accessible beam on the south end of the new I-35 Lewisville Lake bridge.

The main spans across the lake have all the beams set. Crews were preparing to move the large crane that had been on a barge in the lake to the smaller pond on the south side. They will set the remaining beams from there.

Once completed, Interstate 35E traffic will be moved to the new bridge while the existing bridge is rehabilitated. The existing bridge will have an 8-foot-wide pedestrian walkway, two northbound frontage lanes, and four northbound main lanes.

The new 7,798-foot bridge become the new southbound lanes of I-35E, and will have two managed toll lanes, four southbound main lanes, two frontage lanes, and an 8-foot-wide pedestrian walkway.

Together the two bridges will accommodate 14 lanes of traffic.
Completion of the new bridge is expected this summer.

Project officials said there were 310 total drilled shafts, and 263 columns. There will be 887 total beams, and 650,000 square feet of precast panels. The bridge will have 1.1 million square feet of bridge deck.

The project will use 67,670 cubic yards of concrete and 14 million pounds of steel rebar.

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Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/2/13 14:00:40 (1047 reads)

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