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Video: Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Main Street Mafia vs. Muertas Locas

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/4/30 5:10:00 (1676 reads)

Sorry folks, no time to write this one up, but we do have video of Saturday night's Roller Derby action in Denton. This is the first bout of a double-header, featuring the Main Street Mafia versus the Muertas Locas.

The final score was 129-92, Mafia - handing the Muertas their first defeat.

The video starts in the second quarter, because someone's child got in the camera bag and removed the tripod mount, and someone else didn't check the equipment before driving all the way to Denton, so there was an unplanned trip back to Lewisville.

It's in full HD, so make it full screen for best viewing.

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Massive Lacrosse Tournament Coming to Lewisville

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/4/26 18:45:15 (2219 reads)

Open in new windowDick’s Sporting Goods Lone Star Shootout moving to Lewisville for 2012

Dick’s Sporting Goods Lone Star Shootout, the premier lacrosse event in North Texas, will be held Nov. 17-18 at Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park. The event is expected to draw more than 100 teams at all levels of competition, and in 2011 featured a special appearance by the United States men’s national under-19 team.

Dallas Lacrosse launched this annual event to establish one of the top national youth lacrosse events in the South. Teams travel to the Shootout from as far away as Tennessee, Colorado and Illinois for two days of clinics and competition. More than 6,000 participants and spectators are expected in Lewisville for the shootout.

“We could not be more excited to hold this year’s event at Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park,” said tournament director Gary DeSerrano of Dallas Lacrosse. “The park’s amenities, fields and size are perfect for hosting a national lacrosse tournament. We are confident that our teams, sponsors and spectators will be thrilled with the venue.”

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Video: Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Main Street Mafia vs. Hickory Street Hooligans

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2012/3/27 5:11:11 (1871 reads)

Hooligan penalties and resulting power jams allowed the Main Street Mafia to rack up huge points against the Hickory Street Hooligans in NTDR Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Action Saturday.

Both teams' jammers skated well, but with Hooligan jammers in the box, Mafia picked up massive points in two power jams late in the first half (24 points) and early in the second half (28 points) by Pitbully. These 52 points created a deficit for the Hooligans that all the good skating just could not overcome. The final score only had the Mafia winning by 43.

Hooligans coach Vanilla Ice Pick ("VIP") repeatedly questioned the officials, resulting in numerous official timeouts and deliberations with score-keepers and non-skating officials (NSOs).

Hooligans bench manager Fluffy said there were missing points, points being awarded to the wrong team, and questionable penalty calls. On the video you can see an animated VIP having numerous discussions with the referees.

Mafia defeated the Hooligans with a final score was 157-114.

Game MVPs were:
Top Blocker: Cracka Dawn
Most Valuable Jammer: Armenian Assault-her
Mafia MVP: Pitbully
Hooligans MVP: Banned 4 Life

Stats for the season:
Muertas Locas: 2-0
Main Street Mafia: 1-1
Hickory Street Hooligans: 0-2

Three bouts remain in the 2012 regular season:
- April 28th: Muertas vs. Mafia
- May 19th: Hooligans vs. Muertas
- June 23rd: Mafia vs. Hooligans.

A championship bout will be held between the top two teams at the end of the season.

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Video: Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Muertas Locas vs. Hickory Street Hooligans

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/2/28 5:10:00 (1633 reads)

Open in new windowMuertas Locas beat the Hickory Street Hooligans, 129 - 81

First half:

Second Half:

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Video: Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Muertas Locas vs. Main Street Mafia

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/1/29 19:10:00 (2510 reads)

Open in new windowLTJ was in Denton last night to shoot video of the inaugural bout for The North Texas Derby Revolution, a league formed in Lewisville just last year. Derby is making a comeback, and when you watch it you'll see why: It's an exciting sport. These ladies have worked hard all year with multiple practices every week, and this was their season debut:

Video tips: There are three video segments here:
1: Team Introductions, National Anthem, and Intro to roller derby.
2: First half of play and half-time activities
3: Second half of play

Use the video settings button to crank it up to 1080p and make it full-screen for best viewing.
Find NTDR on Facebook. Their next bout is on February 25th, when the Hickory Street Hooligans takes on Muertas Locas.

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