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Gorena: At War for Natural Gas

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/5/6 6:10:00 (3014 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Lewisville City Council Member John Gorena thinks America is at war for natural gas— Because he is an idiot. Here is a recent semi-literate comment he made for a Lewisville Leader story:

A big reason why our country is at war is for energy (gas/oil) - to protect our supplier source. Therefore, an emphasis on getting our country off of the dependency of foreign countries for energy should be a priority. Our soldiers are in harm's way for gas/oil. The drilling towers are temporary and the monetary benefits are good for people who lease their gas rights and it contributes to the energy needs of this country. Everyone needs to do their part."

It's something he has said before, at the City Council retreat this past February. I'm lucky I didn't have a drink in my mouth when he said it, or I would have sprayed my camera.

The United States produces the vast majority of its natural gas needs domestically, and imports only a fraction of its usage, mostly from North America. Natural gas is not gasoline, is generally not used for motor fuel, and cannot replace oil. All of this has been explained to him before.

Here is that comment from the Council retreat session on Oil and Gas (Full session video here):

This is a perfect example of why John Gorena just doesn't have the intellect for the job of City Councilman. He latches on to these ignorant ideas from talk radio or wingnut websites, or whatever, and substitutes these bits of idiocy where he should instead be using his brain to process the actual facts of the issue. Gorena was opposed to reasonable gas drilling restrictions, and would have allowed potentially dangerous and property-value-draining gas drilling and production operations to be a lot closer to homes.

Early voting is under way in the May 11th Lewisville City Council election, and Greg Tierney is running to replace John Gorena, which we think is a good idea. Please vote.

Update 5/6/2013 - 9:20 p.m.: Tonight the Lewisville City Council voted unanimously to approve the proposal that Councilman Ferguson was making in this video. In addition, the Council established an Oil and Gas Advisory Board. To his credit, Gorena did not make a stink, or grandstand on this issue tonight.

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Consumer Alert: Fake "Pastor" Pushing Illegal "Christian-only" Mortgages

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/1/29 6:30:00 (2656 reads)

Open in new windowLewisville residents are urged to be vigilant about solicitations for financial services, even when they seem to come from clergy. A reader sent us a copy of an email they received this morning purporting to be from Pastor David Rollins of "First United Baptist Church" - a non-existent Lewisville church, urging Lewisville Christians to use a company called "Christian Mortgage" to refinance their mortgages. The full text of the email is listed after this article.

The emailer claims to be a local pastor, and also claims to be on the board of the company, which purportedly only lends to Christians, and therefore has lower rates. (Because Christians are supposedly foreclosed on less) LTJ doesn't normally take spam seriously, but because this particular one used religion and an extremely local angle, we decided to investigate.

Open in new window
Screenshot 1/28/2013 of the fake church website
The website for the fake church included in the "pastor's" signature has no phone number or address, but is set up to look like a church website, complete with service times, and fake names of staff members. The site even contains a picture, supposedly of Pastor Rollins, but in actuality, lifted from another website where the picture has a different name associated with it. An email to "Rollins" went unanswered, but did not bounce.

The Christian Mortgage website prompts the user for some basic information about the mortgage refinance sought, then delivers that information to various mortgage lenders. LTJ signed up, (without providing any overly personal information, aside from name and address) and received a fairly quick callback from a company called Broker Match, that then turned around and had Quicken Loans contact us. We asked the representative from Quicken Loans whether they offered Christian loans, but they didn't bite, instead pretending that the connection was breaking up, but offering instead that they have the best rates, and they could try to get us qualified. Two other companies called us this evening about their refinance programs, but neither seemed to be aware, or would admit they knew anything about the Christian Mortgage company.

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UN Completes Takeover of Lewisville

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/12/9 22:10:00 (5339 reads)

Open in new windowBy R. Dick Euless

Blue helmets and white UN vehicles are standard issue for City employees now, as the United Nations has just completed its physical takeover of Lewisville, Texas. The city of 95,290 in Southern Denton County had been a home rule municipality under Texas law, incorporated in 1925, but today it begins a new era under the control of the United Nations.

The takeover began Tuesday morning, when a black helicopter landed in the middle of Church street in front of City Hall. UN officials delivered a resolution to the City Secretary, signed by the UN High Commission on Sustainability, claiming the city as the rightful property of "the Citizens of the World", duly conveyed by implicit action of the City Council in accordance with the insidious terms of Agenda 21.

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Righting a Wrong Name

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by jbcglc on 2012/9/16 17:10:00 (1844 reads)

Open in new windowBy Jim Collier

It is time to correct a glaring error committed by the various right wingers who refer to themselves as members of the “Tea Party” political faction. The real Tea Party members objected to arbitrary taxation by the English Crown, to be collected and paid to said Crown. The current claimants, to my understanding, want to eliminate taxes collected by our own government for programs for our own citizens that they don’t approve of, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Children, etc. These imposters should not be allowed to assume the identities of true patriots. They give no thought to the good of the less fortunate, just to themselves.

A much more appropriate, descriptive title would be “Norquistians”. It makes much more sense for, after all, their deity is Grover Norquist, he of the threatening, sneering smirk.

There is not one whit of humanity or compassion amongst the whole bellowing herd of Norquistians. No thought of the plights of tens of thousands of Medicaid recipients who would be turned out of nursing homes if the program is defunded. A similar predicament would be visited upon thousands of children in foster care.

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September 2011 Dim Bulb Award: John Gorena

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/9/21 15:30:00 (3399 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBack in December of 2006 - almost five years ago, WhosPlayin ran a story about a racist property owner in Katy, TX who objected to an Islamic group building a community center and mosque on land they purchased next to his. Basically what happened is that this guy had some of his cattle on the land belonging to the Islamic Association, and when the group asked him to remove his cattle, he got it twisted in his head that they were asking him to leave his own land.

In a despicable attempt at retribution for the transgression that this racist guy later admitted he was confused about, he decided to start having pig races on Friday nights right next door to the property. Muslims don't eat pork because their religion deems it to be unclean, but they are not offended by the animal itself.

In addition to being a bad neighbor, this man started a website using the same domain name as the association, except with .net instead of .com. The website disparaged Muslims and equated them with terrorists. Five years later, the website now redirects to a despicable anti-Islam website which I will not link here.

So far, I have not mentioned the racist's name, or provided links to any of the websites in question. This thing is five years old, and I had JUST archived the post to remove it from the blog. But I just saw a piece of pure stupidity from Lewisville Councilman John Gorena that made the old story topical again.

Here's what John Gorena posted on his Facebook on September 12th, five years after the story happened:

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