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Seventh Annual Denton County Women Leading Business Conference and Expo

Zen by Jen
Posted by Fluffy_the_Great on 2015/5/15 12:40:00 (1340 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Jennifer Southwell

What is Your Super Power?

That’s the question that was asked of the audience during the Seventh Annual Denton County Women Leading Business Conference and Expo on Friday, May 8, 2015. Hosted by the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, the event drew 120 participants, all eager to listen to fascinating speakers, connect with like-minded business women, and take back to their respective companies a new knowledge and excitement that they gained during the conference. Hopefully, that included discovering their own very special super power.

The event began with morning keynote speaker, CJ Legare, a new Texan who spoke on, “The Business of Being a Girl.” She entertained the audience with tales of her adventurously rebellious youth, successful but unsatisfying early 20’s, and ultimately finding joy in an uplifting ideal and ultimately a website developed by Legare called Functional Girl, “...a website rooted in the idea that living a good life isn’t a luxury, but a boldly purposeful commitment to yourself.” Hers was a captivating and entertaining commentary on how women tend to look to someone else to tell them how they should feel about themselves; she was here to tell the audience that they are looking in the wrong places. Be your own superhero, and uplift other women to be superheroes themselves.

Breakout sessions included:
“Run Your Own Race: Becoming the Woman You were Designed to Be”
-Lisa Burkhardt Worley
An empowering session that offered tips on how to help you live “in your sweet spot, whether in business, or in everyday life.” (Conference program, pg. 8)

“Social Insights for a Better Brand”
-Nicole Recker
Full of information about the do’s and don’t’s of social media for your business branding. A fantastic session for those that are interested in their business’ social media presence and brand.

“Public Speaking with Super Human Qualities”
-Adine Zornow
A great session geared to help educate the audience about public speaking and ways to relieve stage fright.

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Where-to-Go and What-to-Kiss Czar

Zen by Jen
Posted by Fluffy_the_Great on 2009/11/10 4:20:39 (1669 reads)

Submitted for your viewing pleasure.
Thanks R.F. for posting this on fb for me to pass on to our readers here. ... t-obamas-new-where-go-and

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Merry Christmas y'all

Zen by Jen
Posted by Fluffy_the_Great on 2008/12/9 4:28:40 (1596 reads)

And this one especially for my boys...may I please present the Great Wakkorotti!

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Good idea - Bad idea

Zen by Jen
Posted by Fluffy_the_Great on 2008/12/9 4:21:16 (1625 reads)

Don't ya just love youtube! From Animaniacs:

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our baby's growing up

Zen by Jen
Posted by Fluffy_the_Great on 2008/12/8 20:50:00 (1704 reads)

poor ron. he's so miserable right now. he's shedding and is all itchy and rubbing himself on the wall of his habitat. last night we noticed that he was shedding his beard. this morning the old beard is gone and the new one is out for the puffing (if he'd ever do that!). but this morning, he's been all about rubbing his face on the styrofoam wall at the back of his habitat and on the log he usually perches on. his head and face are falling off now. sucks to have dry, flaking skin. ...but this means he's growing up. soon he'll be ready to eat baby mice. (boo!)

maybe someone should invent "lizard lube"

any takers??

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