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Various events and happenings in the Lewisville, Texas and Southern Denton County areas.
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Vista Ridge Mall in receivership, but open for business

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/5/10 2:00:00 (8342 reads)

Open in new windowBy STEVE SOUTHWELL

The owner of Vista Ridge Mall had a $64.6 million balloon payment due in April for the balance of the loan they used to purchase the mall after its previous owner's bankruptcy in 2009.

Rouse Properties, Inc. and its lender have agreed to put the mall in receivership.

Receivership usually involves a the borrower giving back possession of the property so that a creditor can sell it to satisfy a debt.

The loan for Vista Ridge had been in special servicing since last February. News stories last spring noted that a foreclosure was possible.

The Rouse website no longer shows Vista Ridge in their portfolio, but the Vista Ridge Mall website still showed Rouse as of Monday morning.

A press release from Rouse dated May 2, said that on April 5, the loan for Vista Ridge Mall matured and was not repaid. The Company was notified by the lender of the default on April 19.

The release stated, "The Company is working vigorously with the lender to convey the property in full satisfaction of the debt."

Fred Meno, president and CEO of asset services for The Woodmont Company said Monday that he and his firm had taken over management, operations, leasing, and marketing of the mall as of last Friday.

“The first step in the process from a timing standpoint was to appoint a receiver, and that’s me,” said Meno.

“The mall is going to stay open - open for business, looking to increase occupancy. The project is a staple, a landmark in the Dallas Fort Worth mall landscape and has all the anchors in place.”

Meno was positive about the viability of the mall’s continued operations. “We take over a lot of distressed malls, and I really don’t consider this one to be distressed,” he said. “I see it as one that’s got significant upside.”

“Cinemark does very well here— Sears went through a list of closing announcements nationwide and Vista Ridge was not on that list. [JC] Penney’s has gone through store closings in prior years as well, but remains here as well. Dillards does fairly well here. All the fundamentals are here.”

Refinancing might be a logical next step for the owners, but Meno explained that it was out of the question.

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Three-year-old struck by boat propeller is son of Lewisville firefighter

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/5/8 4:10:00 (7913 reads)

Open in new windowThree-year-old Aiden McKitrick slipped off the front of a boat Thursday night at Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall. He went under the boat, and was struck by the boat's propeller causing him serious injuries.

The boy's father, Lewisville firefighter Austin McKitrick was able to pull him out of the water, and call 911 for help. He was taken to Children's Medical Center of Dallas.

He has already undergone surgery, according to Channel 11.

Friends of the family have created a gofundme account to raise money for the family's expenses, which could be very substantial. To help out the McKitrick family, you can donate on the gofundme site. As of Saturday night, the fundraiser had raised $16,380 of a $50,000 goal.

The Lewisville Professional Firefighters Association is also selling "Aiden's Heroes" T-shirts for $25.95, with the proceeds going to the family. You can buy these at the Keeping Tradition Alive Pipes and Drums jam on Friday night in front of Lewisville City Hall.

You can see the story on CBS channel 11, or Fox 4 News.

Photo of Aiden via Facebook

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May 7 Lewisville and LISD Election Results.

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/5/7 23:40:00 (7411 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell
9:25 p.m.:
All results are in now for Lewisville ISD. Jenny Proznik and Katherine Sells are our new trustees elect.

All 20 of the Denton County Lewisville precincts are reporting. Dallas County is still not showing anything for today. It's quite possible with the low early voting turnout in these precincts that there was no actual election day voting. We're going to call it a night.

Be sure to scroll down below through the results of each race to see the totals and percentages.

9:10 p.m.:
Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #1B (Castle Hills) is final. Patrick Kelly had the most votes with 131, followed by Guy Harris with 98, and Doug Walker with 53. Incumbent Noel May has lost his seat by only 5 votes.

9:01 p.m.:
More results just came in. Flower Mound is all counted, and the results did not change. Hayden, Webb, McDaniel, and Webb.

Lewisville has 18 of 20 Denton County precincts totaled, and 0 of 2 Dallas County precincts. Those precincts yet to be counted will not move the needle at this point.

Lewisville ISD's Place 5 race still has Proznik in the lead with 43.71% of the vote compared to Lassahn's 41.36%. This is a plurality election, so the candidate with the most votes wins it outright with no runoff.

8:41 p.m.:
Some precincts are now reporting.
In LISD's place 4 race, with about half the precincts reporting, Sells maintains 80% of the vote.

In LISD's place 5 race, Proznik extended her lead by a bit, and now has almost 3 points over Lassahn.

With 17 of 20 Denton County precincts reporting, Lewisville propositions are still close to 90% in favor.

8:23 p.m.:
No precincts reporting election night totals yet.

From social media:
Fairooz Adams: To the voters, volunteers, donors, and all supporters, I owe you a sincere and heartfelt thank you. We ran a campaign to be proud of."

7:51 p.m.:
Denton County Fresh Water Supply district 1B is a race where voters choose three out of four candidates on the ballot. The current leaders right now are Patrick Kelly (87), Guy Harris (60), and Noel May (32). Doug Walker trails with 24 votes.

7:05 p.m.:
Early voting results are in: Both Lewisville propositions pass by better than 80 point margins. In LISD Place 4, Katherine Sells leads with a basically insurmountable 81.24% of the vote. In Place 5, it's a tie right now between Proznik with 43.35% and Lassahn with 41.63% - way too close to call.

In Flower Mound, it looks like Mayor Hayden will keep his seat; he's got 66% of the early vote. Bryan Webb has 66% of the early vote, Don McDaniel has 62% in place 4, and Jason Webb has 61% in place 1.

Original Post:
We will begin to post results here in the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees election and the City of Lewisville Crime Control and Fire Prevention Districts shortly after the polls close at 7 p.m.

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Durham Middle School taking precautions after rumors of threats

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/5/7 0:30:00 (5800 reads)

Open in new window
By Steve Southwell

Update - May 9:
Durham Principal Brian McCoo sent a letter to Parents on Monday following up on the threat, and noting that police had not found any valid threat. Still, the letter said that the students involved would not be back on campus for the remainder of the school year. He thanked Lewisville police for being on campus Monday.

Original Story
Rumors circulated at Durham Middle School Friday about the possibility of a student or group of students planning to shoot up the school. While police do not currently think there is a credible threat, they and school district officials take it seriously and are following up.

Durham Principal Brain McCoo sent a brief letter to parents late Friday afternoon regarding the situation there, but did not include any details.

"Please know we have and are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your children’s safety. We know the parties involved and the Lewisville Police Department is investigating this matter," McCoo wrote in the letter.

LISD spokesman Greg Weghorst would not provide further detail, other than to say that police were aware of rumors that students had reported to a trusted adult, and that the district takes any threat seriously. "We'll have LPD on and around campus next week just as a precautionary measure," he said.

Captain Dan Rochelle of the Lewisville Police Department gave a brief explanation of the situation: "A kid comes home from school and tells his mother that he heard a rumor that some guys are bringing some guns to school Monday, and they're going to shoot up the school."

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Vote Saturday in LISD and Lewisville elections

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/5/6 16:30:00 (3723 reads)

Open in new windowBy DAN EAKIN

Polls are open Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the May 7 Lewisville school board and Lewisville city special districts elections.

Voters in the Lewisville Independent School District will be choosing between two candidates for Place 4 and three candidates for Place 5.

Voters in the city of Lewisville will be deciding whether to continue for the next 20 years the City of Lewisville Fire Control, Prevention and Emergency Medical District and/or the City of Lewisville Crime Control and Prevention District.

On Election Day, voters must vote at the location assigned to the precinct in which they are registered to vote.

For Lewisville voters, here are the locations:
- Denton County precincts 2017: Castle Hills Community Center, 2501 Queen Margaret Dr. (LISD election only)
- Denton County precincts 3006-3022, and 3032: Lewisville Municipal Annex, 1197 W. Main St.
- Dallas County precincts 2910, 2911: Coppell Town Center, 255 Parkway Blvd Coppell, Tex. (Lewisville election only)

LISD Place 4 candidates are Fairooz Adams and Katherine Sells and Place 5 candidates are Will Ferson, Allison Lassahn and Jenny Proznik. Angie Cox, in Place 3, is running unopposed.

Lewisville school board members are elected to serve for overlapping terms of three years each.

There is no Lewisville City Council election this year because there are no contested races. Brandon Jones of Place 4 and Brent Daniels of Place 5 will be sworn in at a council meeting on May 16.

However, Lewisville registered voters are being encouraged to go to the polls on May 7, to decide issues important to the Lewisville Police Department and the Lewisville Fire Department.

Lewisville voters, in voting on the propositions, will decide whether to continue the present sales tax rate at 8.25 cents on the dollar by continuing to support both control districts, whether to have the sales tax rate reduced to 8 cents on the dollar by voting to discontinue both control districts, or have the present sales tax reduced to 8.125 cents on the dollar by voting to keep one and not keep the other.

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