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Column about Lewisville's Semi-Pro football team, the "Lewisville Savage"

Goals and the Gridiron: Managing the Savage

Savage Perspectives
Posted by Runfellow on 2012/12/17 23:37:37 (1665 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Brandon Cooper

Note: "Savage Perspectives" is not intended to be a straight sports column; rather, each new piece will focus on a different element of the Lewisville Savage as it prepares for and plays its third season.

As the Dallas Cowboys began their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, the Lewisville Savage warmed up for a preseason scrimmage against the North Texas Jaguars that never happened. The coaches cite scheduling difficulties, and such are the rough edges often associated with this kind of game. Without a team to play, Savage general manager and defensive coordinator Yosef Lee, who had just returned from taking a family member to the hospital for pneumonia, did what he could with his team: practice.

The Savage are part of the American Eightman Football League, a semi-professional “minor league” based in North Texas. They first played in the league in 2011, and went 0-8 in 2012. As is common in semi-pro leagues, players show up when they can and fill in at various positions when needed. Although scouts will occasionally show up at games or practices, the unbridled optimism of many high school teams – where players often cling to dreams of “going pro” long after that chance has passed – is all but absent here.

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