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It took way longer than I thought it would to move my office yesterday. I was up there until after midnight last night, and still didn't get everything put away. Every muscle in my body is sore.

Yesterday was so humid, I was sweating buckets. And despite bathing regularly, I was so smelly that I was stinking my own self out. I think if I could've gotten away with it, I would have taken a few minutes out from moving, strip down to my skivvies and go stand in the rain.

Rain, rain, go away
Dear God: Thank you for the rain. We really needed that. Can you make it stop now and give us a raincheck on the rest?

Friday night
MamaSk8z and I joined our friend and neighbor Patsy down in Colleyville Friday night to listen to a really good band called "White Hot Soul". It had been awhile since we've gotten out for some live music. I tried to get MamaSk8z to dance with me, but she claimed she'd had too much alcohol.

Tea Partiers Reward "You Lie" Joe Wilson
We may have seen the beginning of the end of civility in the Congress. You may recall South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson yelling "You lie!" at the President during Wednesday night's address to Congress, as Obama addressed the actual lies from the right about health coverage for illegal aliens.

Almost immediately, contributions begain to pour in for Wilson's Democratic opponent for the 2010 election, Rob Miller. Reportedly, over $1 million has been raised.

Not to be outdone, the radical right wing quickly made a hero out of Wilson and began to send him contributions, which have supposedly now surpassed Miller's contributions.

So, there you go. If you're an obscure politician whose campaign is in debt, just yell something offensive - even if it's not true. In the "up is down" world of the radical right, yell "You lie!" which is itself a lie. (H.R. 3200 specifically does not cover illegal aliens) Then you'll get lots more dough to spread your lies.

Wilson's opponent, Rob Miller is a 13 year Marine Corps veteran, who served in Iraq and Yugoslavia as an infantry officer.
Rob Miller's Campaign Website

The right-wing fringe converged on Washington this weekend in protest of pretty much everything. Using the backdrop of the 8th aniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Glenn Beck listeners and tea-partiers protested taxes, the Democratic Party, President Obama, Healthcare Insurance Reform, their new favorite bogeyman ACORN, and pretty much any other form of progress in this country since WWII.

For what it's worth, I do actually appreciate that more Americans are trying to become engaged in the political process. I appreciate that people are just now figuring out ONCE AGAIN that deficits and debt are bad. I've been over here screaming about it for years, but apparently to some, it's only bad when a Democrat is President.

To some, spending money we don't have to invade and occupy the wrong country and shoot million dollar cruise missiles at mud huts is just fine. Spending billions of dollars to buy weapons systems that don't work or the Pentagon says we don't need is also just fine. Giving a trillion dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans during a time of war doesn't raise any alarms.

But then when a Democratic President is in office, it doesn't matter if he says he'll only sign a deficit neutral health care bill. It doesn't matter if the Democrats passed PAYGO pay-as-you-go rules that actually REQUIRE new spending to be balanced by spending cuts or tax increases. It doesn't matter that 95% of us actually GOT A TAX CUT under President Obama this year.

These people WANT to be angry. They WANT to believe that Obama is the enemy. I think they fantasize about some great battle between good and evil, with their standard bearer Glenn Beck leading a crusade to cleanse America of the promoters of "dangerous" ideas like equal rights, social safety nets, public education, science, and so forth. Faced with actual FACTS, these people get bored. They'd rather listen to the rantings of a lunatic and jump to the absolute silliest conclusions of conspiracy and evil intent.

It is shameful, and my only consolation is that these people are still a small minority of Americans.
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